Now that the upgrade is complete a lot of you are probably curious about the new features we added. They were mostly pulled in from the Fedibird fork, but the code had to be considerable modified to get fully working. The following is the complete list of new features introduced in this upgrade.

Domain Subscriptions - Bring another instance's local timeline as a feed in QOTO, no need to have an account on another server again, just import their timeline here!

Keyword Subscriptions - Create custom timelines based off keywords not just hashtags, you can even use regex for advanced matching

Account Subscriptions - This allows you to follow a remote accounts public toots in your Home timeline without actually following them, great for following users with locked accounts.

Misskey compatible quoting of toots

Bookmarking of toots

Support for WebP and HEIC media uploads

An update to the getting-started menu to include center stage links to and the @QOTO announcements account (me!)

@QOTO Very nice, got to mention the numerous new Colour Themes options too. Just getting started experimenting with them, so many new choices possible.


I havent tried out the new themes myself, enjoy! So much new stuff to play with!


@QOTO does encouraging people to follow locked accounts not seem a little disingenuous?

If someone has a locked account and hasn't accepted your follow request, maybe don't use a technical workaround to do it anyway?


It isnt a technical workaround, it doesnt circumvent the feature. If your account is locked then unlisted posts can not be viewed regardless of this feature. If you lock your account and post publicly then you knowingly invite people to view those public posts. It isnt a hack or technical work around, it just lets you get notified of the posts people make that are public and still shared with the world regardless of a locked account.

Its no different than if a user just click on your profile and browsed through all the public posts you have listed, something you can do anyway.

So no, not at all, it doesnt take away any power from a user who locks their account or who wants their posts private.


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