The Eastern coast of Taiwan is prone to big as this map from Tang and collaborators shows. Main shallow crustal active faults are the Central Range Fault (W-dipping, earthquakes and ruptured zones in red and orange) and the Longitudinal Valley Fault (E-dipping, in blue) 5/n

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Two magnitude 6+ event happened in 2018 and 2019 in the very same region than the 3 Februaryb 2024 Mw7.4. The 2018 Mw6.4 had a complex (strike-slip + reverse, several fault segments) shallow crustal rupture.

See: and

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This E-W section at Hualien latitude only shows a 2D view of the complex 3D structure. If the ~20-40km hypocentral depth of the Mw7.4 is true*, it's difficult to figure out which fault ruptured. Could be one not reaching upper crustal levels. Just hypotheses.

Section from Lallemand 2014,

* Saying "If the ~20-40km depth of the rupture is true" is a big IF as the Taiwan seismic center puts epicenter of the main shock at 15km only. Needs further studies.

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Source region of Mw7.4 of 6 Feb. has a complicated 3D lithospheric structure: interaction between the Ryuku subduction and accretionary wedge, the accreted Luzon arc (now forming the coastal range), the Philippines plate, and the Taiwan orogenic prism (central range and foothills).

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And this: "China’s addiction to building new coal-fired power plants is becoming increasingly entrenched…" in The Guardian

Also this: "The United States is poised to extract more oil and gas than ever before in 2023, a year that is certain to be the hottest ever recorded, providing a daunting backdrop to crucial United Nations climate talks" in The Guardian

BBC writes: The United Arab Emirates planned to use its role as the host of UN talks as an opportunity to strike oil and gas deals. 😒

I love this week's cover of , with the famous north faces of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo ⛰️ in the Italian .

Related perspective article about "the dolomite problem":

Ding et al. simulate various scenarios to analyze a backward rupture branching during the 2023 Kahramanmaraş earthquake, and show it can occur by both direct and indirect triggering depending on the fault's initial stress and friction conditions

Read here:

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On BBC, Macron calls for cease fire in . He calls on Israel to stop killing Gaza's civilians, women and babies. Listen to excerpts of BBC interview (linked).

That's strong and valuable words, but the problem is that Macron doesn't have the same words in French and on French media…

The dataset, linked to the article "Upper-plate Shortening and Mountain-building in the Context of Mantle-driven Oceanic Subduction", includes videos and photographs depicting the evolution in top and lateral views of the 5 analogue experiments.


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This animated GIF 👇🏽 summarizes the main results and figures of Habel et al's article "Upper-plate Shortening and Mountain-building in the Context of Mantle-driven Oceanic Subduction 🏔️


Keynote GIF:


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In our new paper, Habel et al. 2023, we use analogue models to discuss the effect of mantle flow on upper-plate shortening, and building in Andean margin context. The paradigmatic type being the in front of the Nazca-South America plate boundary.

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Storm 🌀 Ciarán approaching Brittany at nightfall 👇. Three departments in western France are on red alert, large part of the country in orange. Extreme winds 💨 forecasted.

Be cautious, stay safe ❤️ !

Reminder: the seminal article about the source of the 464BC is this one:

Armijo et al. "A possible normal-fault rupture for the 464BC Sparta earthquake", Nature, 1991,

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Today's reading 👇, some historical papers, with the idea to enrich our teaching in the field next year about the Sparta 464BC

🆕 And a third new paper published in #TEKTONIKA #doaj :

Exploring the Origin of Geoid Low and Topography High in West Antarctica: Insights from Density Anomalies and Mantle Convection Models

Steinberger et al. have studied the geoid low and dynamic topography in the Ross sea area and West Antarctica, and modeled the mantle structure and its reduced viscosity.

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