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Yip!... Yip!... Yip!
OK, come to bed.
Yip!... Yip!
Ok, I'll make a pit stop so I'm very much not in your way.
Yip!... Yip!...
I'm goin' potty! Don't wake momma (@mikmaqpeek)!

She waits patiently for me to finish, find she did her business on the mat and for me to clean it up... Tilly, not my wife... silence until I creak open the pantry door. She's right there waiting for her 'in case I snacked' breath freshener. She normally doesn't snack, but the freshener treat is a tradition. Hopefully. Tilly scarfs the treat and vanishes while I put the box away. My place in my own bed is occupied. She permits me to slide in. I'm warm.

I'm ordered about by some 4.5kg of dawg. Spoiled so rotten she smells bad. And I love her.

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