I rather think TerraFirmaCraft would be so much more robust it it were a modpack of related, smaller mods. There are some aspects I appreciate. Terrain generation is not one of them.

I finally got done arguing with flerfs on the birdsite. It was fun, but it's getting tiresome and taking up WAY the hell too much time for the things I'd *like* to be using the birdsite for, such as with or STEM business. "Rockets don't work in space because there's no oxygen/ nothing to ush against." There's only so much life I'm willing to give dealing with it or laughing at it. Fun enough while it lasted, time to move on.

For my time spent building in , I have learned I wish to build 2^n+1 centered on an even number 0-12 within a chunk. Anything else leads to madness. This is why I really *HATE* Ocean Monuments. :(

Stress... Pink eye, out of sick time, wife is in Canada, she and our grandson really badly want time with me on . Our dog is freaked out being home alone. She used to have Frisco & Freddy cats, "da boyz." Then it was just Freddy, and now Freddy is gone, and so is "momma," my wife. I can't explain "momma" will come back, that the voice and picture on the phone is her. So I give her anxiety meds before work.

Went to work, listed as off. I'll have to check with HR for vacation time rather than sick time. It should be OK. Should. "Should" in one hand, "shit" in the other, see what fills faster. I need to tidy the apartment, put things back in order from maintenance work done on the wall last night. The
moron who built the place "on the cheap" didn't insulate the sprinkler pipes so in some places those burst. New owner the last several years has been sinking money for infrastructure improvements, if not corrections for the previous owner / builder. I'm glad our pipes didn't burst, we are OK, and our rent is relatively low because we pay like clockwork, we keep our place up, and we keep an eye on things.

We have it well, better than many. But it's still an unusual amount of adulting for me. There's more I can whine about, but it's just whining. Snot and boogers should be a nose product, not an eyeball product. Time to go back upstairs to reassure my dog I'm not dead yet, even if I can't convince her Momma is coming back. The soul crushing part is being alone. Tilly needs me.

Ah, reminiscing the days as a wizard wondering what /nuke does on a busy server, or missing a specific target to /kill...

I have "D:" setup as my workspace. It's a slow drive so I can keep stuff off "C:". I open up "D:\SpigotDev", right-click on empty space, select "Git Bash Here". I get a Bash prompt, so I then just use cursor up to see the following:

$ java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.19.3

I press "enter" and let it rip. I'm updating the java binary because I know I'm two versions behind on the current server, so I may as well do the update as part of the map wipe roll-out.

Meanwhile, I'm encouraging the creation of screenshots in this map to use for planning on the next map.

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We have excited "side chatter" on our group chat. One question in my mind concerns using Messenger. Eventually, I'd like to get a divorce from . I'm almost there with Messenger. Right now, I only use Messenger, and of that, only with our little PeanutButter Dreams group, family, and "DMs" with @mikmaqpeek.

Unfortunately for me, Desktop Messenger works for a while, then refuses to work, so I end up going *back* to the FB website to use "messenger" from their web page on my PC. I'm not really happy with Discord, although I suppose we could give it a whirl. A Mastodon version of Messenger would be happy, maybe. I'd welcome practical discussion on getting that divorce from Facebook, although I'd still have to keep it for keeing in touch with family. Anyway, back to Peanutbutter Dreams map wipe!

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At the moment, I'm encouraging players to make screenshots of "Useful Information such as builds, as well as document what went well, what didn't go so well. Inventory: What did we make storage for but didn't need that much in the long haul? How should it be organized?

Then there are the farms. Where is redstone useful/ needed? What should be built underground? Lots of info can be captured in a screenshot of our *current* server for decisions to be made following a map wipe.

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It looks like I will be doing a map wipe of the Peanutbutterdreams (PBD) server. I need to pass it by the server owner, but I expect she will agree.

I plan to document the details here for my own reference on what I'm thinking at the time, and hopefully it will benefit anyone interested. PBD is already running on extravm.com/minecraft.php for years, and I'm quite happy with the service. Several years back, I had to stop running the Copper Ferret Minecraft server as money became too tight. Robin, one of the players was willing to keep funding it, so I transferred it to her under a new name she chose. I keep it going as admin, but "policy" and decisions I defer to her.

ExtraVM allows me to run vanilla, Spigot I update myself, and other servers I don't focus on. I tend to use Spigot unless I have reason such as a snapshot to run instead. I have a SpigotDEV folder where I go to Command Line Git, I use cursor up up to get the compile line, enter, wait to finish, then move the Java over as needed. Easy. Setting that up has more detail, but once done it is simple for updates.

I'll discuss more tomorrow. Questions and comments are welcome.

Playing Minecraft. There is a great deal to the game, but it's absolutely more fun with friends & family. I like running my own server, most of the time. It's really the only defense I have against Staff-Abuse. I really *REALLY* hate Staff-Abuse.


Note, on "Mucks", staff tend to have a 'Wizard" flag and are known as "Wizards."

"Wiz-abuse is intolerable. Wiz-abuse is defined as utilizing ANY facility granted by having wizard authorization to effect ANY player or object not belonging to the wizard without the player's approval for any other reason than to enforce compliance with the mission of the muck.

The penalty for wiz-abuse will be termination of the wizard or staffer from this system in any capacity, as player or staffer."

I don't know of any servers that even think that way. The whole point of being a "staffer", or "mod" on a server is being friends with the server owner and being able to lord your godly powers over lesser beings and mortals. I mean, what other point *is* there to being on a server's staff?

I do think minecraft-servers.space/server is a good server. I never encountered Staff Abuse there. Unfortunately, my wife felt better with us staying on our own server with me running it.

Anyway, I'll post more later of what's going on. I'd be happy to answer questions about the server should anyone ask.

Minecraft Borehole 

Oh! I see I missed a bit on the wall in the last post. I use cobble to fill in the holes. Any solid blocks. Gravel? Dirt? Sand? Nope... "solid" blocks. I don't want gravity to move gravel or water blocks should you need to expand. Dirt may "hold", but it doesn't "feel" right. I replace mined out spaces with some kind of stone. While it doesn't actually make the structure more stable, it feels that way to my brain, so I do it that way. You go do your own your way. :)

Gates... I put gates in the overworld on lines that are multiples of 64, such as 0 y 0, 0 y 64, 128 y 256. Naturally, in the Nether gates could be put at 0 y 0, 0 y 8, 16 y 32. I wanted to avoid a situation where someone could put up a gate and "steal" the gates I put up, even if it was not intentional. Other people can put up gates where they want, but mostly it gets left to me as I'm so fussy about it and I build a nice Nether Nexus based off this, so they don't bother.

I build the ages 3 wide 4 high. I prefer building on odd numbers, and having it 4 high keeps it with the same proportions as the basic gate. The corners will have glowstone or shroomlight eventually, as it suits me. But a torch will do fine in a pinch.

Tilly is telling me it's time for her fortune cookie, and we gotta keep the dog happy. Until next time, and I do welcome questions and ideas on how to improve this. :)

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Minecraft Borehole 

This image is of a "stop". Each Stop is at levels of 16, as in 64, 48, 32, 16, 0, -16, -32, -48, and -59 (because bedrock).

The 3x3 opening seen here is actually at level 49 so if you stand on the anvil, the Y is 49. This makes a step so while you *can* walk over it to get into the borehole, your brain tells you "there is a step here" so you are less likely to do so by accident.

The first thing crafted when I reach that level is usually a workbench, seen on the bottom left. Then I drop a double-chest in the center to shove stuff temporarily. When starting out, it is "The" storage though on my server someone usually builds base storage to store the massive amount of stuff I dig up.

Furnace gets dropped in the bottom right so we can cook things as needed. I'll put in a smoker because we'll soon enough have logs. As I get iron, the stonecutter comes in handy and an anvil. Because I'm a completist jerk, I'll put in the blast furnace. Why not? And it's there to smelt.

I put those on every level so it's an expectation and available no matter what level you are on. You don't have to think about it, it's just "there." Torches are on every 3 high "support column" to light the surrounding area. Torches are also in every starter tunnel to help light things up.

At each level there are horizontal "support beams" connecting the level to the wall and a starter tunnel beyond. While the support beam is "for show to make sense to the brain", it's also a fail-safe when water spills, and as you expand the tunnel, water will inevitably spill. It *WILL* happen, so just go with it and have those fail-safes!

Each beam has a top cobble slab, cobble is cheap. Then bottom slabs on the whole thing EXCEPT I leave a gap between the stop and the starter tunnel wall. This lets you climb vines up & down to reach tunnels without having to mess with the borehole. In fact, you can climb all the way up or down on the vines, and you may have to use this as you dig down.

The Borehole is 5x5 including the 3x3 passage and surrounding walls. One space to stand on, the gap, and then the starter tunnel walls. In the back I START the level breaks with a 2 wide gap between the borehole and the wall. This lets you have a starter tunnel each side at the back. I'll show that in the next post.

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I meant to get this to a fellow Minecraft user. It is the basic layout of what we call "The Borehole" on our server. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the original discussion thread. I'll post it here and hopefully the person intended will see it. I welcome discussion on this particular concept.

I'm standing on a ladder looking down. The ladder is necessary because "stuff happens" and the vines could catastrophically break from a water incident, or lava burning them up.

Iron bars at the center and the two opposing corners hold in the water elevator on the side opposite the ladder. One may fall straight down into water at the -59 level. The water brings people back up "not quite as quickly, but still faster than climbing." Vines, not needing support like a ladder, allow one to easily break while descending to climb back up a missed stop. This is lit by torches at every stop. The walls are solid except at each stop, which has a gap 3 high making it easy to enter and leave The Borehole.

If the intent is to "strip-mine," I have found this way to get between stops really does the trick.

If there is interest, I am happy to share screen captures of the stops and how I have those laid out to make strip-mining a breeze. Note, "Strip mining" in Minecraft is different from "real world" strip mining. In Minecraft, it refers to making a single straight shaft, often 1 wide, 2 tall in a pattern to most efficiently encounter an ore cluster without having to waste time and effort to mine out each and every single block.

Time with my friends and close family on Minecraft is just golden!

#Minecraft, #SpigotMC drivel 

And I do so love sftp. I love not having to care about passwords and still having security. I love having my server locked down where "no key, no entry."

, ,

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#Minecraft, #SpigotMC drivel 


1) I missed putting the hash-tags where they'll actually get used.

2) I need to take a look at MC 1.19.3 while I'm waiting on the compile.

3) I should likely see what plugins may be out-of-date while I'm at it.

I'd really *REALLY* prefer to not have to do this, just be a player and enjoy. Unfortunately, my wife has panic and anxiety disorder, and dealing with people sometimes is just too much for her. And also... to some extent managing my own server is self-defense against admin abuse from other servers. It's one reason I very briefly considered starting my own Mastodon instance, but the requirement of a fixed IP made that an "aw hell no."

I'm glad I have a home here. I really don't want to have to do more than what I'm already not doing well enough.


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Ducks into the nether, sees a Piglin, ducks right back to the Overworld...

"Yes, yes, I'm putting on pants. I know you guys REALLY hate it when I'm not wearing pants."

I was lucky to find gold pants ready in a nearby chest, more by accident than design.

Yay, now to see if Mojang will allow me to play !

So... because of twitter.com/MojangStatus/statu which is *not* actually fixed, I'm using Bedrock Edition to connect to the Java server using GeyserMC.


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