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It is also kinda funny this dude who lied about me, and got called out by random people screams harassment...

mind you I never asked anyone to call them out or contact them. They lied, I posted screenshots showing they lied.

But then in the same breath this person posts directly at me, knowing I silenced him, and asked people explicitly to circumvent my silence of them and copy and paste his message to me.

Hmm.. I am harassing you for random people pointing out you are a liar when i provide proof.. but totally cool if you actively tell people to send me messages on your behalf when your silenced.

Thats not how this works, thats not how any of this works....

a pup of coffee :bowie:  

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@freemo Absolutely. I’d rather use CLI for managing the Minecraft server, but I don’t want to think about using CLI for playing the game. 😉 I do lean on YouTube as a cookbook for various structures I want to create. Hard to remember so much detail. And then there’s Dwarf Fortress…

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@Romaq Absolutely, just a few cheat sheets to start out, the occasional read and your good to go.

@freemo Yeah, I recall seeing cookbooks for sed, regexp. Hell yeah, I keep cheat sheets for other things. And once you are in the ecosystem, it gets way easier!

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@Romaq yea though i find since cheatsheets are just text you copy and paste that learning curve is easily managed

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By all means, investigate and prosecute criminal behavior. Citizens and consumers need protection, both legal (formal from government agents) and communal (informal from individuals and society at large).

But don’t go and preventatively de-platform “influencers” because, in someone’s opinion, they spread harmful misinformation. It is not uncommon for bad actors to start playing the victim in order to silence dissent or information they don’t like.

You have one recent example with the de-federation of the mastodon server:

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@freemo There’s the learning curve with cli, but AFTER I learn it I DO prefer it. I do have satisfaction with going CLI on my headless server. :)

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Online communities make it very easy to exclude someone simply with a click of the mouse. IRL it's a little more difficult, although it still happens. It used to be that an "exclusive" community was more highly valued socially -- high society, exclusive clubs, etc. But I think the trend now is moving away from that attitude, mainly because historically the exclusivity criterion was often based on race, sex or disability.

I think banning someone from a group should be a last resort, only after other measures have failed. (The exception being people who are intentionally trying to disrupt and preventing others from freely participating, like with a DOS attack or malware, etc.)

Also, I think that excluding someone for their behavior, for breaking the rules of the group is much different than excluding someone because of who they are, due to something beyond their control. And excluding someone based on their opinions should be avoided.

IRL = in real life

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Humanity is complicated. I find myself regularly banned from any group of people because when they do the thing they claim only the "other evil bad group" does and I point that out, the group *really* hates that. On this basis, I find the Libertarians trying very, very hard to have me vote straight ticket Democratic Party. I can't stand them. "Hold your nose and vote blue no matter who!" Nah, pass. But the Libertarians insist I vote blue, so what can I do? Just an example, as this seems to be the case with pretty much every group, so long as it has people in it.

@admitsWrongIfProven @freemo

@TracyTThomas It CAN be. So my wife and I are being cautious. But for that wonderful science communicator being down, I am very saddened.

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@Romaq Wow, that is incredibly sad. I am grateful that my case so much milder than that.

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#LongCovidAwarenessDay is one day. But please remember, for many us, the people suffering from #LongCOVID, this illness is what knocks us down, keeps us low, makes us scared, [fill in the blank] every single day..

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As many of you likely know, I’m immune compromised and chronically ill. If you’ve followed me on social media for a while you may not even recognize me anymore. I sure don’t recognize myself some days.

I got #Covid in May of 2022 and I have never recovered. I’m now an ambulatory wheelchair user and struggle daily. I can’t work. My quality of life is significantly compromised.

Many of us never recovered. We exist.

Please, wear a mask and stay home if you’re sick.

#LongCovidAwarenessDay #POTS


I'm so sorry, and... I don't know Dianna Cowern personally, but I loved her work on YouTube and I don't know if we will ever get that back. Just... Damn.

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I’m ten months into my long Covid. While milder than many others cases, I can no longer exercise or go hiking. Too many work video meetings in a row or too much cognitive effort also trigger my symptoms. I miss my active life. #LongCovidAwarenessDay

@freemo But if @jens doesn't come in on a high horse, how else are they to look down upon you for asking a polite, relevant question to a bold, universal assertion that clearly has no universal jurisdiction binding upon all countries. might be useful for Duffy to consider. But Jens doesn't seem to particularly care about any of that.


@freemo People don't seem to understand what I mean when I hope Russia has a Romanian Christmas.

@freemo @ceoln Ah! Thank you. I guess broomsticks must go where broomsticks must go.

@freemo Can't eat popcorn on the floor at work... but we on the bottom rung often find ourselves mimicking the motions of eating popcorn while watching the antics.

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