@freemo it wasn't much fun 20+ years ago. I can't imagine what it must be now


There was a better article specific to the history of navigation, but I can't find it now. It was a horrible pain in the ass to do ESPECIALLY while at sea, and then it was discovered there was discrepancy related to distance which led to a better estimation of the speed of light. This was just about the time seaworthy time pieces came online.

BTW, I'm using a link to your photo for flerf discussion, among other such images. It boggles my mind how one can't just use a pair of binoculars to make observations that shut down flerf, but people are weird like that.


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This is a photo I took 13 years ago of Jupiter and 4 of its moons (top). As a reference the image below is the simulated position at that same time.

QT: jeffreyfreeman.me/photography/

Jeffrey Phillips Freeman  
Moons of Jupier Read more here: https://jeffreyfreeman.me/photography/jupiter-moons/ #Astronomy #Freemo
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You ever wonder why the small band of spectrum we can see (called visible light) is special? I mean almost all animals see in light ranges are are somewhere around here. I mean sure some can see a little farther into IR or UV but in general all animals see roughly around this same narrow band of frequencies in an otherwise infinite spectrum... So what is so special?

Its actually a quantum thing. Everything roughly around visible light and higher interacts with material by electrons jumping energy levels. However IR energy is absorbed by the bonds between molecules instead, which is why IR represents heat.

Basically visible light is right where these two modes intersect. Essentially they are the lowest energy part of the spectrum that is still high enough energy to interact primarily through changing energy levels of electrons. Essentially any more energy and it wont really get through the atmosphere as extreme UV is cut off.. any lower and it wouldnt be very effecieient cause most of the energy goes to heating the eye rather than seeing... So its right in that sweet spot.

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LOL another bhlock due to an opinion expressed respectfully... man people have some issues if they cant even hold a conversation...

But yea apparently pointing out the terrorism of Israel is appalling **in addition** to the terrorism of the hamas is being a terrorist sympathizer now...

People just make up hyperbolic shit like it doesnt make them look like a fool... sorry it does.
QT: one.darnell.one/@darnell/11121

Darnell Clayton :verified:  
@freemo Again with the false equivalence. I suggest we part ways, as I am not a fan of people who sympathize with terrorist groups, especially usin...

@peterdrake @freemo "Sometimes... Sometimes 'bad' is bad." --Huey Lewis

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I just released a new version of Fedipage (a static site generator with full ActivityPub support).

Excited, the new version fixes a major bug and adds a few nice new features!

QT: fedipage.com/news/fedipage-v1-

Fedipage v1.1.0 Released Fedipage, the source that powers this static website with ActivityPub support, has just released v1.1.0! We have a few new...
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Friend: I think my dads outside smoking salmon

Me: NNNNiiiicccceeee man, never heard of that strain... I think ill go find him.

Friends wife: I told you not to invite him!

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UPDATE: We tried something dead simple, and it worked.
1 golden potato
1 small onion
1 egg
1 tsp corn starch
a dash of kosher salt

Shredded the potato and the onion, then wrung the liquid out with a cheesecloth. Stirred in the other stuff, made flat patties, pan fried 'em.


No, seriously. The result was good enough that we might consider *tweaking* the recipe, but won't make big changes.

Sadly, all further refinements will have to wait until we have potatoes again. Whoops.

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@freemo @Romaq It’s definitely a job requirement, I’ve been working on those in advance

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@Romaq I dont want children but I feel my dad jokes require me to have some one day.

@freemo I'm a big fan of LOX, and not the kind that goes on bagels. Well, it COULD, but it isn't particularly interesting or tasty.

@freemo We elected not to have children due to my wife's health at the time, but I do have daydreams of tormenting my progeny with nuclear bananas and horrible dad jokes. I take it out on my wife instead.

@thatguyoverthere @freemo Oh, and as far as, "sharp as a tack," my wife reminds me I am VERY "tacky." That's a good thing, right?

@thatguyoverthere @freemo "It depends" isn't the answer people want, and it sucks for legal policy, but it is so often the correct answer at both ends of the spectrum as well as in the middle.

@freemo There are a few people I enjoy chatting with. I also find entertainment roasting flerfs over an open fire, although I should be seeking more health engagement here.

@freemo When I believe a person is being vile with the expectation they can do so with impunity, I refuse to be held hostage by "playing nice." I have a mission of taking them just a bit further than they wanted to go.

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