Tilly is now a "squeaky dog." It seems she's crying for @mikmaqpeek, who is away in Canada again. We'll see how things go, but she is acting differently than when "mommy" is here, so I suspect she's missing that part of our "pack."

I thought I'd cuddle a bit with Tilly. I'm careful to ask permission, though. She's in the ottoman, a hollow footstool with a hole for small pets to enter. A crocheted blanket gives her privacy, keeps it warm, and she can peek through the holes.

I dropped a pillow near it for my head, lay on the floor, then gently put my hand inside but to one, empty side as an invitation.

It took half a minute, but then Tilly sniffed my hand, then lay on it. I went to sleep this way. Time spent on important things.

So tonight I am able to take time to have a chat with our dog Tilly. @mikmaqpeek and I think she may be distressed since we euthanized our housecat last Friday.

Yesterday, we found Tilly hiding and shaking in the dark in the walk-in shower. We'll keep a close eye. If anyone has had experience with a dog "grieving," I would welcome to learn of your experience. It's not like I can just ask her what's wrong. But I can watch, listen closely, and "see" what she has to say in her doggy way.

Dogs taking up bed space 

I took time to hug and assure my wife @mikmaqpeek it wasn't her coughing that had me up at various times last night. It was being bossed around and told what's-what, being complained at and grumbled to. Some people's puppies!


Yay! Follow if you need more dog pics in your life. I've been posting some of Tilly under that hashtag. Welcome!

Tilly yips at me with her "baby" at her feet. I'm to take it and throw the doll down the hall. She races away, then brings it back with this huff-panting that sounds like laughter to me. Then she makes me chase her a bit until Tilly drops the toy for me to throw it down the hall again. I so love the sound of her running and her laughter! @mikmaqpeek

Yip!... Yip!... Yip!
OK, come to bed.
Yip!... Yip!
Ok, I'll make a pit stop so I'm very much not in your way.
Yip!... Yip!...
I'm goin' potty! Don't wake momma (@mikmaqpeek)!

She waits patiently for me to finish, find she did her business on the mat and for me to clean it up... Tilly, not my wife... silence until I creak open the pantry door. She's right there waiting for her 'in case I snacked' breath freshener. She normally doesn't snack, but the freshener treat is a tradition. Hopefully. Tilly scarfs the treat and vanishes while I put the box away. My place in my own bed is occupied. She permits me to slide in. I'm warm.

I'm ordered about by some 4.5kg of dawg. Spoiled so rotten she smells bad. And I love her.

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