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It’s a beautiful day to remember your mortality and forsake your sins.

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One I saw by James Heale elsewhere:

> There’d be a rich irony if it was Britain’s first Hindu PM who took back the power to appoint CofE bishops.

Various political sides in the US want to ban certain things in . Dr Seuss took a hit not long ago, now Roald Dahl is being edited to remove references to Rudyard Kipling among other things.

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Jesus loves those you hate 

An ad plays during the superbowl featuring the division in our society, ends with a message of love, that Jesus loves everyone, including those we hate.

Response from some news outlets and politicians: Talk about loving your enemies? You must be a fascist. Like Hitler. You evil evil thing. Actually, people should be even MORE divided and against each other...let me dig up things that'll really get you mad about someone who contributed funds the to ad and you you hate them better. Hate them, hate Jesus, hate the idea of loving your enemy.

Gotta say, I find a message of love more appealing than that of hate which followed.

It's a commentary about our culture that a non political message of love and unity and the messiah can be so easily mocked, used as a tool to remind people why they really ought to keep their enemies list full, and then it's filed away as a brief distraction.

The Avacado ad that mocked the biblical story was also a commentary, that the biblical narrative and the curse of sin is a small thing... just a joke to be mocked and derided.

I don't know that "post-Christian" society is the right term. I don't think it's progress to hear Love Your Enemies and respond with rallying cries to hate your enemies. It seems less like a progression and more like a regression.

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Christian quote 

"The first action to be taken is to pull ourselves together. If we are going to be destroyed by an atomic bomb, let that bomb, when it comes, find us doing sensible and human things -- praying, working, teaching, reading, listening to music, bathing the children, playing tennis, chatting to our friends over a pint and a game of darts -- not huddled together like frightened sheep and thinking about bombs."
-attributed to C. S. Lewis #Christian #Christianity #Catholic #OrthodoxChristian

Has anyone checked the Chinese spy for more documents?

The balloons actually remind me more of The than anything else.

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I'm generally against instances blocking and muting people, but I'm 100% in favor of doing it myself.

The difference between me and the typical #fediblock #fediblockmeta stan is that if there's content that's offensive or hurts my feelings, I block the account. If one of the stans comes across objectionable or controversial content, they'll demand that the entire #fediblock #fediblockmeta community block the instances or account.

My experience on free speech instances is wonderful specifically because of the blocks I've instated. And I forgot how wild and reckless the federated timeline on the free speech portion of the #Fediverse is until I convinced a #Fediverse user to try out in order to test #Soapbox lol

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"During the civil war, the Union counterfeited Confederate currency and deliberately gave it away in the South to cause massive inflation. "

Huh. Glad the government doesn't just give money away anymore.

Wondering if the primary goal of taxes is to get the government as much money as possible OR to reward and punish targets with tax benefits and penalties.

It certainly doesn't seem to provide the government with the amount of money to cover the necessary and only the necessary expenses of government with clear limits.

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Twelve year old me: if you tell someone to shoot you in the head, and they do, is it murder?

Literally everyone: what the heck man you're psychotic why are you thinking about something like this?

Literally #Canada in 2022: hey man if you're sad you should come to our place and we'll kill you swiftly 😏

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A list of questions to unpack the moral dimension of any technology

> 1. What sort of person will the use of this technology make of me?
> 2. What habits will the use of this technology instill?
> 3. How will the use of this technology affect my experience of time?
> 4. How will the use of this technology affect my experience of place?
> 5. How will the use of this technology affect how I relate to other people?

...and so on. Excellent

Headed with the kids to the art museum. The list of supplies is longer than it used to be. We now have to take canned soup and super glue, right? Is it one can and one give per kid, or per family?

For the record, I too have not accepted a $50 million 4 year contract to do a podcast.

Tonight's reading from Jeremiah 19 seems like it should be shocking. Even elders among the priests were called out because "the people have forsaken me....they have filled this place with the blood of innocents... to burn their sons in the fire as burnt offerings...which I did not command or decree, nor did it come into my mind"

Even the religious leaders seem complicit in the death of the youngest children as sacrifice in exchange for... What? The hope of a better life for the adults?

It's framed here as totally foreign and opposite of the ideas of the God of Israel they claimed to represent.

Despite being called out on this by Jeremiah, they don't change and subsequently face divine punishment they evidently thought would never come.

Thinking about how this might apply today...

Headline: performing more organ transplants from MAID donors than any country in the world

(Definition: MAID means Medical Assistance In Death. See thread for earlier content.)

“I was rather proud that Canada has done so well in terms of organ donation by MAID patients,” said Arthur Schafer, director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba, in an interview with CTV News.

With more than 4,000 Canadians waiting for organ transplants, some of whom are dying, he says Canada’s numbers show a strong move to turn death into a win-win.

“So I say, 'Good on us.' It’s a wonderful opportunity for someone facing death to make something significant out of the end of their life”


The MAID recipient is given the medications in their home, and then transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital to have the procedure completed and organs harvested.

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We do not want a that will move with the world. We want a church that will move the world.
- G.K.

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Public Notice: Please stop copying and pasting ChatGPT answers to @trailhead questions (or any platform) without fact-checking them!

Note: It has been banned now by @trailhead and @StackOverflow

It doesn't know anything of the past year, and a lot has changed!

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