Test - what a load of boring, outdated rubbish, eh?

Seriously, both sides deserve enormous credit for that match, and especially England, who played in a way that made a contest out of a pitch that always looked like a nailed-on draw.

Starmer warned by turkeys not to waste political capital on celebrating Christmas.

Keir Starmer warned by Labour peers not to waste political capital on Lords reform

@TheVoidTLMB The "official" app is pants, regardless of platform. But fortunately there are excellent alternatives. Don't know what you're using, but Tusky is fine for Android, and I've heard good things about Metatext and Toot for iOS.

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Good morning! A post just rolled across my fedi-timeline saying not to post about politics on Mastodon, so I'm here to remind you that:

1 "politics" refers to decision-making about how to live together in groups
2 choosing to not participate in political discussion is saying you support the status quo, and is a political stance
3 abstaining from politics because you feel safe from its impacts is a privilege and a choice to abandon your more vulnerable neighbours

Politics - Housing and NIMBYism 

This is as close as I've seen anyone get to the truth for some time. We need housing, but it's too easy and predictable to throw up tacky commuter belt developments without making the necessary investment in local services.

As with immigration, people are justified in being angry about stretched services, but too easily lose sight of the fact that if services are stretched, that's a political decision that doesn't have to follow from the apparent cause they're protesting against.

The Tories are tearing themselves apart over housing – but this is another crisis of their own making

Important #Witcher3 Discoveries 

Yesterday I made 3 important discoveries:

1. I can do a decent set with my weights during load screens and cutscenes, making this game practically good for me.

2. I finally found Ciri, who didn't even seem bothered that I'd been casually exploring, levelling up and taking on contracts when I was meant to be urgently looking for her.

3. Dwarves are dicks.

I don't care about anything else that's going on - this has been a good day.

525 2/6*


234 2/6

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For those who care attached are the screenshots of the nazi who was banned from QOTO some time back and started a hate campaign by pretending to be LGBTQ ally "calling us out" but just made up lies... he did this over the course of many months and ultimately is the source of the problems that snowballed and led to all this to begin with.

I will do a write up on this soon.

This might relate to the terms of the takeover of , or government mismanagement, or both.

But the total cost of the bailout is apparently now £6.5bn. We could really do with an explanation, because it's hard to make that figure add up at all.


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Am I the only person who thought this was a caterpillar at 1st glance?

One of the strangest merchandising crossovers I've ever seen 

Not sure which party deserves more mockery TBH.

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Itts such a shame QOTO is the only place on the internet I've ever known that has a complete lack of toxicity, where everyone is kind to both eachother, and almost always to others....

Yet here we are, drama from the outside :(

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Joining Mastodon as a Twitter refugee feels like cheating on my bad old boyfriend with a nice new guy.

Bad boyfriend: ‘Don’t do this, baby. We’ve been together 14 years. We’ve had such good times, and you really need me. I’m so big and popular.’

Me: ‘It’s not working anymore.’

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A BBC graph so bad that full fact have had to do an article on it.

You really have to try to make that many mistakes.


And if you think about it, isn't indentured slave labour and persecution based on sexuality just the same as teasing someone for having freckles, in principle?

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How the story ends: Musk reinstates Trump after a 52/48 vote. Trump tweets once, the resulting outrage causes a traffic surge, which the now horribly under resourced site can't cope with, it falls over and no one is left to get it back online. Trump kills Twitter.

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