@freemo Hi, Freemo! Great to be here, thank you.

I'm just a dude living a life in Tel Aviv. I'm no expert when it comes to STEM, and certainly not professionally educated in any such field but I am certainly a fan.

Outside of my interest in general knowledge, I'm into gaming, table top role playing, and have been a member of the telnet based Mu* (Mush/Mud/Mux) online Roleplaying communities for just about two decades now.

I'm big into discussing different topcs, always happy to learn something new, and share my own personal experiences and knowledge with any and everyone.

@Surasanji @freemo
So good to have you! We just starded an DnD group using Roll20.

@commandelicious I'm pretty into that stuff. My times are wonky, though. My job faces the US, so I work what amounts to US Central Time. Keeps me up all night- but I've worked nights for such a long time that is second nature.

@Surasanji I've been seven years on CET/CEST/GMT+1/2 night shifts. it's 19:41 and I am just starting my days most productive/awake phase.
For : It's the first group I ever had. I am more of a scifi guy but roleplay is about the people you play with. :)

@commandelicious Yeah, I'm only about an hour ahead of you. As for DnD- one of the great things about DnD is you can always set it in any realm you really want it to be. You can totally sci-fi up your elves or dwarves. Take the stats, call them something else. Bang.

I've always loved the old standards, but you've got things from the old days like Spelljammer (Magical space ships!) and Planescape (Multiverse playground!)

One of the best things about Roleplaying as a hobby is it has those hints of old communal story-telling. The camp fire is now just a map-board, and instead of fresh deer liver we get tuna sandwiches. :P

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