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Not that I don't love everyone who has come here on but someone has to drag Dr. Sam Ghali (@EM_RESUS on Twitter) over here. It would be a huge loss not to have his weekly and cases.

I'm just a lab tech that had to do ECGs at my last job and I learned SO much from his tweets. I actually can tell when things are wrong now and can identify certain conditions. He's brilliant.

Someone has to have an in with him.

When people discover their agency, no one can ever take that away.

Not dictators, not authoritarians, not billionaires.

You can take away their tools, their tech, their platforms.

But you can never take back their agency.

The people will always find a way.

#Twitter #RIPTwitter #TwitterMigration

Welcome #newfollowers to my relaxing corner of the internet where we talk about plants and pets and space!!! Pls send pics of your pets and/or plants πŸ₯°

The twitter outages graph looks remarkably similar to the mastodon new user graph.... just saying ;)

I have thought a lot about how, after Flickr receded from prominence, there was a certain mode of communication that just disappeared altogether. Even as services "replaced" it

I am so fucking thrilled to see so many of you here. I love every last one of you. Never forget that. We can make it work here. If you have questions, there's lots of people to help. Don't give up. Let me know.

The symptoms creep of the terminally online community is getting out of hand. There's way too much being attributed to ADHD that are, no really, that's just a you thing.

Also yes there's crossover between and ADHD but a lot if this stuff is in the outside of the Venn diagram on the Autism side.

It drives me nuts as both an ADHD pt and a medical professional. The same thing happens with bipolar. :blobcatfacepalm:

God damn. More people who can't dance. Get some actual EDM fans or something. This is sad.

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Let's see how Mastodon does at making the thing I need magically appear.

I need:

A short drag queen

Who has done a 1920s/30s themed routine

Who would be willing to loan me a photo of said routine for my personal reference board

In exchange for a thank-you credit in the eventual published book under whatever name they prefer.

(If there's a short dark-haired drag queen out there who also happens to be a Jewish anarchist, that would be a bonus, but I realize that's asking a lot.)

Wick is dumb as fuck if he thinks he can just turn the Italians down. Jesus. We don't work like that. :blobcatfacepalm:

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Making this poor man speak languages he doesn't normally speak is cruel. :blobcatghostdead: I hate it when they do this to actors. I mean I've got 8+ years of French and my accent is terrifyingly bad. Giving these guys a handful of lines is so hard on them.

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Super kudos for not making Wick's wife 25 years old and a super model. She's age appropriate yet beautiful, so believable. Doesn't alienate me.

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What’s the best Mastodon client, and why? Interested in iOS.

Saturn's snowball moon Enceladus has a neat feature. While not entirely unique among outer solar system moons, Enceladus has the largest and most active cyrovolanic plumes of water ice. They're fed by large subsurface oceans, even holding evidence of deep hydrothermal vents. All this water must go somewhere: Enceladus is constantly replenishing Saturn's wide and diffuse E Ring.

Images: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/CICLOPS/Kevin M. Gill

#Saturn #Enceladus #Cassini #Space #Science #Astrodon

Ok #mastodon, let’s show our true colors.

Reblog this if you’re a champion of the Oxford comma.

We’re officially friends.

Tonight β€” John Wick 2. Keanu does his own stunts which is just like him tbh. The only ones he won't do is if he's getting hit by a car or falling down stairs. That leaves a lot. So. Yay!

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