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Wow, a lot of new people joining! :mastodon:

Welcome all you amazing new faces :blobcathearts:

I don't wanna be 'that guy' but please be sure to checkout some basic community rules and such!

It has some cool info, I promise :cat_hug_triangle:

Also we don't serve ads! If you can please think about supporting❀️


There's no full text search. Use hashtags for what's important in your post!

That can't do the adding instance and hashtags to on mobile is one of the biggest mistakes is making currently. This would make a huge difference for the new folks. I rarely have access to Mastodon on the desktop.

Exclusive: Ex-Russian spy flees to the #NATO country that captured him, delivering another embarrassing blow to #Moscow

"Artem Zinchenko isn’t just any spy. He was the first agent of Russia’s military intelligence arrested by #Estonia, in 2017, then traded back to Moscow a year later for an Estonian citizen in Russian custody. Zinchenko has now sought asylum from the very NATO country that unmasked and imprisoned him for spying against it."



If you just like something, star it to let the poster know you appreciated it.

If you REALLY like something and want others to see it, BOOST!


Time to let the cat out of the bag! and have been writing code to detect missile launches like tonight's North Korean ICBM test in GPS data. Missiles make ionospheric disturbances that GPS records. The yellow ripple is the ionospheric disturbance.


New folks, just remember that boosts are what people see not stars. There's no algorithm. If you like something BOOST IT! :boost: :_stars:

I'm going to be boosting some of my friends who are new here and looking for people who are interested in their hobbies. If you feel like it, maybe you could boost them to help with that. They didn't come with a built in academia following like I did.

There are now no less than 42 curated lists of academics on Mastodon, in various subject areas, on this GitHub, as well as links to groups, preprint and bibliography bots, and servers/communities. Check it out, tell others about it, and bookmark it for future reference!

Cut to the chase: Here's the #JWST image of L1527, a new star being born 460 light years away in the constellation Taurus. The protostar is obscured at the center; the dark line is a dusty disk starting to form planets. #Astronomy #space

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So you're just getting started in Mastodon huh?

Here's a neat thing. On the web interface you can search for a Hashtag.

Same as you can on Twitter.

Something like #Ukraine, for example

But on the search results, see that little user icon on the right? Click it and you'll follow it as if it's a user!

New posts with that tag will arrive in your home page, even if you don't follow the author yet

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