An essay on reading and the vagaries of the internet age:

If you've found yourself (like me) 'reading' more but actually *reading* less, this is definitely worth the 5-7 minutes you'll spend on it!

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Reminiscing of a visit to the Archeology Museum, in Lisbon, Portugal.

It started this morning, the thread. And over short posts, someone told a story. Of a Greek man, who lived in antiquity, by the Mediterranean side; in a city whose name is still preserved, and today is written "Marseille".

This series of posts was interesting, I caught one flying by the Local feed, about halfway down his sequence, liked it and went to the top to find the rest.

Enjoying his post, I remembered similar thoughts, of History, and how things worked, how small bits and pieces came to me as I visited an exposition, at the Archeological Museum, in Lisbon.

Stopping at each display, I would read and examine the artifacts. All of them had came from the same region, countryside around today's city of Loulé, in the Algarve, Southern Portugal.

The region has been inhabited for thousands of years, and the exhibit had pieces from pre-historic, Phoenician, Roman, Moorish and more modern times.


Just winding up reading this nice, reasonably intuitive paper on lift for airplanes:

(Fermat's Library is also great to follow on the birdsite, IMHO!)

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Free books, read online. Many authors and genres. 

Don't know how they do it, get away with it, but...

Found a website listing many, many books, including the one with the cover below, by Charles Bukowski.

You CAN read the whole book online it seems, and they have many other authors. From trashy breathless romance novels to works we can be grateful to get access to. Android app for mobile if needed.

Rather cool. Librarian in me wants to spread the word. Hush, hush. DMCA is a thing.

They do have many of Cory Doctorow's books too, excellent sci-fi writer.

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** Help keep the World's Encyclopedia alive and well. **

For many millions of people, it is their major source of reference, curated information. Any small donation helps.

I do use Wikipedia daily, and value its services; just renewed my yearly donation to help keep it running. :thumbsup_hmn_h2:

Donations accepted here:

A long(-ish) read that I got done with a day or two back on the intersection of cryptocurrency and pyramid schemes - interesting and a tad chilling at the same time!

Once a general
Smoked some joints, deposed his king.
Is this a high coup?

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A deep learning based tool for automatic brain extraction from functional magnetic resonance images in rodents. (arXiv:1912.01359v1 [eess.IV])

I'm an engineer from Bangalore, who's still trying to figure this thing out.
What I'd like to do here - share interesting stuff and hopefully get more in return.
What I'll likely end up doing here - spam bad puns.

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