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If you really want world peace and equality, learn Quantum Mechanics. It will challenge all your most fundemental and deep rooted prejudices.

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Thoughts in the morning: In every word and sentence where "smart" appears, you can replace "smart" with " surveillance". This does not change the meaning, but puts it in a completely different context.

* Smart-Phone
* Smart-Device
* Smart-City
* ...

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Speaking of crows, friendly reminder that survival of the fittest doesn’t mean strongest, crows keep on by keepin together

Just published a book, folks, if you want to learn basic accounting and finance : www.easyAFintro.com ... it's a beta version; the PDF is free

Okay so doing a book's interior layout is *hard*

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@Surasanji awesome!
I'm craving for some star light too frankly, spring takes way too long to come

How do you organize your memes, do you have a folder, do you tag them somehow?

On a related note...

The Internets has everything you need! Online converters to change DPI, resize images, format Word to PDF

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Just learned that there is something called principal component analysis. Then Wikipedia'ed it. ...poof

Hello @boisdevache , what's accessibility voice? I'm interested in learning more about accessibility

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