@iakshay @design_RG

Be carefull.

I got banned here for openly being right wing.

It was Mastodon.social instance.

I don’t know what I did wrong and no explanation was given either.

I lost all my toots and all my follwers.
Maybe someday I will ask @gargaron

You can say -Dil “Toot” gaya !!!!


So now I have come back as Karl Poopie Marx himself.

Ab ban kar kay dikhao !!!!!

@Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG Wow, if you're blocked for simply being a 'right-winger' then that sucks! But if you didn't follow their community guidelines then i can understand. I'm sure @freemo won't do such things, for no Apparent/Valid reason.


I don't think there can be a single good reason for shutting down an account and destroying all data without at least try to reach out to the user and give him the time to back up data.

@Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG @freemo

@arteteco @Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG @freemo ikr!
We all need chances to explain ourselves for our actions. Nobody is perfect, and nobody exists on purpose :)

@Karthikdeva @arteteco @iakshay @design_RG @freemo

I am gonna contact them.

But I used the same email. Right bow busy with work so will do later.

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