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Nonparametric Likelihood Ratio Test for Univariate Shape-constrained Densities. (arXiv:2211.13272v1 [math.ST])

Shapley Curves: A Smoothing Perspective. (arXiv:2211.13289v1 [stat.ML])

Learning and Testing Latent-Tree Ising Models Efficiently. (arXiv:2211.13291v1 [cs.LG])

Multiple Imputation with Neural Network Gaussian Process for High-dimensional Incomplete Data. (arXiv:2211.13297v1 [cs.LG])

Nepal Himalaya Offers Considerable Potential for Pumped Storage Hydropower. (arXiv:2211.13306v1 [stat.AP])

A Moment-Matching Approach to Testable Learning and a New Characterization of Rademacher Complexity. (arXiv:2211.13312v1 [cs.LG])

Extent of Safety Database in Pediatric Drug Development: Types of Assessment, Analytical Precision, and Pathway for Extrapolation through On-Target Effects. (arXiv:2211.13329v1 [stat.AP])

A Multivariate Non-Gaussian Bayesian Filter Using Power Moments. (arXiv:2211.13374v1 [stat.ME])

Lifting Weak Supervision To Structured Prediction. (arXiv:2211.13375v1 [cs.LG])

A Non-Gaussian Bayesian Filter Using Power and Generalized Logarithmic Moments. (arXiv:2211.13383v1 [math.OC])

Testing for Publication Bias in Diagnostic Meta-Analysis: A Simulation Study. (arXiv:2211.12538v1 [stat.ME])

Optimal design of the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney-test. (arXiv:2211.12556v1 [stat.ME])

Coverage of Credible Intervals in Bayesian Multivariate Isotonic Regression. (arXiv:2211.12566v1 [math.ST])

Online Federated Learning via Non-Stationary Detection and Adaptation amidst Concept Drift. (arXiv:2211.12578v1 [cs.LG])

Quasi-Newton Sequential Monte Carlo. (arXiv:2211.12580v1 [stat.ME])

Characterizing Persistence and Disparity of Covid-19 Infection Rates with City Level Demographic and Regional Features. (arXiv:2211.12583v1 [stat.AP])

A new and asymptotically optimally contracting coupling for the random walk Metropolis. (arXiv:2211.12585v1 [stat.CO])

Posterior Contraction and Testing for Multivariate Isotonic Regression. (arXiv:2211.12595v1 [math.ST])

Transfer Learning for Contextual Multi-armed Bandits. (arXiv:2211.12612v1 [stat.ML])

Good Data from Bad Models : Foundations of Threshold-based Auto-labeling. (arXiv:2211.12620v1 [cs.LG])

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