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"Practical Exposure Correction: Great Truths Are Always Simple. (arXiv:2212.14245v1 [cs.CV])" — A method that rethinks exposure correction to provide a linear solution with exposure-sensitive compensation.


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I’m happy with my new ! There is so much to learn but my friend helped me a ton. I loaded and opened but I don’t know anything about it, just excited that there might be a path to personal creation through others’ honest work.

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ME: A rawhide book for dogs.

PETCO CEO: What's it about?

ME: It's sort of a chews your own adventure.

PETCO CEO: Get out of my office.

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We can only truly foster free software, free documentation, and free cultural works for users around the world if we have the ability to share. Join the FSF in our mission to protect the freedom to share by Dec 31: #FreedomToShare

A redeeming quality of QWERTY is that you can type hexadecimal numbers with your left hand on the home row and your right hand on the num pad.

Really enjoying LibreCAD ( It took about an hour to get used to the UI but after some experimentation I'm efficiently floorplanning my garage! Open source software of this quality always blows me away.

> At the end of the day, everything is just a pile of bits somewhere, and type systems are just there to help us use those bits right.

- Rustonomicon

A comforting reality check after days of talking about requirements and tickets.

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RISC-V support has landed in musl libc 🎉

Guess it's time to get on the band wagon.

I'm here on Mastodon to support the vision of federated, open social networks. I enjoy:

I prefer thoughtful discussions or blog posts over videos. Looking forward to seeing what this corner of the Internet looks like.

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