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'O’Donnell’s plan came good: Lumumba was captured on the road by Mobutu’s officers and flown to Katanga, where he was murdered within hours. The CIA’s broad agenda for the DRC was supported, Williams writes, ‘by the highest level of the government’. The so-called Special Group, a subcommittee of the National Security Council responsible for covert operations, had given the CIA station in Léopoldville the green light and wired Devlin $100,000 to finish the job.'

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Elon Musk contemplates removing the blocking function because fascist commentator Andy Ngo complained about getting blocked by Antifascists.

'Using an industry-standard test, he measured the particulate matter outside the mask, then checked how much made it through the device and into the space around his nose and mouth. Percentage-wise, he told me, “it removes 99.99 … I didn’t measure how many nines; it was working so well.” On broader scales, too, the protective math plays out: Well-fitting masks can curb smoke-related hospitalizations; studies back up their importance as a firefighting mainstay.'

'Los investigadores sufren una presión brutal para publicar estudios. Sus aumentos de sueldo, sus ascensos, la financiación de sus proyectos y su reconocimiento social dependen de evaluaciones en las que su rendimiento se mide prácticamente al peso. Este sistema, conocido como “publica o muere”, ha creado monstruos.'

'Several pieces of EU legislation in sectors including banking and pharmaceuticals face severe delays because it is taking too long to translate documents, the European parliament has said.'

'Weight loss supplements are among the most likely supplements to be adulterated and potentially contaminated with banned substances, Dr. Cohen said. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that herbal products marketed for weight loss are the type of supplements that most frequently send people to the emergency room, with patients often reporting adverse effects like palpitations or chest pain.'

On Monday, I wrote an essay about climate and biodiversity for Scientific American. I tracked proportional engagement, calculated as (likes + shares + comments)/followers, over six social media platforms.

The winner? MASTODON, by a landslide.

Second place? INSTAGRAM. It's harder to share posts on IG, but lot of people like things there!

The loser? FACEBOOK, also by a landslide. On Facebook, I've been shadow-banned since August 2018 when they listed clean energy and climate as "socially sensitive topics" so my page there stopped growing 6 years ago and now only about 1% of my followers there ever see my posts. It's actually too bad, because that's the platform where I reach the most conservative audiences through their connections to friends and family. So even though it's dead last, I still persist.

Plant mutations: slaying beautiful hypotheses by surprising evidence!


Fascinated by the most recent works on somatic and germline mutations in animals? Interested in plant mutations? Or just curious about the mutation process?

Here are our new results! ⬇️

Work led by Sylvain Schmitt, under the supervision of Niklas and I. The work involved many collaborators in Europe and French Guiana.


Postdocs and Research Scientists/Engineers at the UW are on strike.

I'll not comment further here on the strike, but I will note that the UW's administration can take their suggestion that they might tell the faculty or anyone else how to "feel" about the state of the bargaining, and shove it.

#IDMastodon lung remodeling disease due to #COVID19. Respiratory viruses, including severe, acute #SarsCoV2 infection can trigger chronic lung disease that persists and even progresses after expected clearance of virus.

Espanha proibiu há 3 anos. Malta está em processo legislativo. Portugal é um dos 3 países da UE que, além de permitir esterilização forçada de mulheres com deficiência, o permite em menores.

Esta violência tem de acabar.



‘In the winter of 1750, Jean-Jacques Rousseau threw away his watch. “Thank heavens,” he remembered exclaiming after this sublime gesture, “I shall no longer need to know what time its!”’

- Peter Gay, ‘The Enlightenment, the rise of modern paganism’.

A vital post by the @MIT head of admissions:

The Supreme Court is most likely about to gut the (narrow) use of race in college admissions. Doing so will further concentrate power in majority white upper income cohorts while reducing both excellence and social welfare. Dean Schmill brings the receipts. Read the footnotes, btw: they contain those receipts.


“What Keir Starmer offered was Corbynism with competence, that was the basis of his leadership bid,” he says. “What he delivered was Blairism without charisma.”

"Similarly, reproductive aging and women’s health are finally on the scene: several initiatives have recognized not only that reproductive cessation is the earliest aging phenotype, but also that menopause itself (which is about 15 years later than reproductive aging, so not interchangeable) can cause aging, and that mid-life health may ultimately determine future longevity. This, plus the acknowledgment that female animals are important to study in all aspects of biology, may lead to the end of ignoring 50% of the aging population’s needs."

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