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'These biofilms encase immune cells and establish a high local concentration of a secreted hemolysin to kill the immune cells before the biofilms disperse in a c-di-GMP-dependent manner.'

'These biofilms encase immune cells and establish a high local concentration of a secreted hemolysin to kill the immune cells before the biofilms disperse in a c-di-GMP-dependent manner.'

The US Supreme Court is a farce. It should no longer be supreme.
"The US Supreme Court has gutted federal protection for wetlands — now what?"

'A global comparison of the long-read data from young and aged mice showed an age-associated increase in the expression of noncoding transcripts, including IgV pseudogenes, lncRNAs and transcripts with retained introns (Supplementary Fig. 7). This is consistent with observations that an increased frequency of intron retention has been identified as a signature of ageing in fruitfly, mouse and human'

We’re looking for African researchers keen to represent their community on our editorial board.

Does this sound like you? Apply to join our Board of Reviewing Editors!

This is outrageous. Spread the word. Are you a US researcher working w foreign institutions? There is something awful brewing: "For foreign subrecipients, the subrecipient to provide copies of all lab notebooks, all data, all documentation that supports the research outcomes as described in the progress report. These supporting materials must be provided to prime recipient with each scientific update (no less than once every six months, or more frequently based on risks).

"‘Cybernetics and Ghosts’, the 1967 lecture that begins with the tribal storyteller, took its inspiration from avant-garde experiments with basic computers. Calvino thought that the use of machines to destabilise literary form, or produce generative disorder, was eminently human. The machine’s ‘true vocation would be for classicism’, having the capacity to infer and follow stylistic rules exactingly. It is interesting to revisit this argument in the era of AI, not least in light of Calvino’s brief, teasing claim that a true ‘literature machine’ would produce avant-garde work ‘to free its circuits when they are choked’ by classicism"

One thousand samples per day capillary-flow LC/MS/MS for high-speed, high-sensitivity and in-depth proteomics | #proteomics

Be there or be square (if you're Lisbon):

Exposição "Oubliette", inaugura 6ª feira dia 16 Junho às 18h30 na Biblioteca Camões em Lisboa. Pieces by Ana Jotta, Constança Arouca, Jorge Nesbitt & Madalena Parreira
Texts by H. Manfredsenjensen

Opening on Friday, June 16th at Biblioteca Camões, Lisbon (Largo Calhariz 17), 18h30.


“What Keir Starmer offered was Corbynism with competence, that was the basis of his leadership bid,” he says. “What he delivered was Blairism without charisma.”

‘In the winter of 1750, Jean-Jacques Rousseau threw away his watch. “Thank heavens,” he remembered exclaiming after this sublime gesture, “I shall no longer need to know what time its!”’

- Peter Gay, ‘The Enlightenment, the rise of modern paganism’.

#Musk envisage de supprimer la fonctionnalité de blocage de #Twitter

Il a fait cette annonce en répondant à un agitateur d’extrême-droite se plaignant d’avoir été bloqué par des militants de gauche

La destruction méthodique de Twitter par son nouveau propriétaire continue. Et ce sont les personnes les plus susceptibles d’être harcelées (femmes, minorités, etc.) qui en subiront les conséquences.

“Women who desire children are deciding not to get pregnant because the social organisation here is not good for women who have children,” Gervasi says. “Women still need to be the caretakers of their children first — with no help from the government. So they wait; they wait until it’s late.”

My Clinical Pipeline column for Nature Medicine this week examines the state of Sarepta's new gene therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy application at the FDA. Whatever its final efficacy turns out to be, the general strategy behind the therapy, an engineered micro-dystrophin is very clever.

It was inspired by the case of a 61 year old patient who had a deletion of almost half of his dystrophin gene and was still alive and walking. Here's that ref, from 1990:

And here's my column:

"As of January 2023, the estimated prevalence of long Covid among people in the United States who had had acute infection was 11%. According to guidance released in August 2021 by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice, long Covid can be considered a protected disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and under other disability-antidiscrimination mandates (such as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act)."

'Here, we generated a mouse model with insufficient ketogenesis by conditionally knocking out the gene encoding the hepatocyte-specific ketogenic enzyme hydroxymethylglutary-CoA synthase 2 (Hmgcs2 KO). Intriguingly, erythroid maturation was enhanced with boosted fatty acid synthesis in bone marrow of hepatic Hmgcs2 KO mouse under fasting condition, suggesting that systemic ketogenesis has a profound effect on erythropoiesis.'

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