“If Florida truly believes we live in a post-racial society, then let it make its case,” the judge wrote. “But it cannot win the argument by muzzling its opponents.”

Of all possible candidates, THIS is the person that Musk asserts values freedom of speech.

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In #1899, no one cared whether you spoke their language. They just started talking to you in theirs

You know the world has gone to shit when the law website, an school, asks for donations as if it’s fucking . Oh, and their website has ads too

Rewatching Harry Potter and wondering how Hermione has any friends at all. She’s so annoying lol

So it seems joinmastodon removed QOTO from their directory without cause, without contacting us, and without any discussion or due diligence.

Since this is the only way to actually find QOTO for new users if it isnt reversed soon it could mean the end for our wonderful community.

If you care about this place remaining fair, respectful, and inclusive environment I highly suggest everyone reach out to them annd voice your objecttion and your disapointment and having no procedure to keep this fair and inclusive.

If you want to see QOTO stick around you can email your objecttion here:


Feel free to CC me here: jeffrey.freeman@qoto.org

Please be respectful, we want to show them we are the good guys and not give them any reason to object.

@Gargron @trinsec @khird

I tested galactica.org with prompt "Bayesian cross-validation". Not good

Shitpost/queer theory 

Short course: Queering #datascience

Week 1: Abandoning the binary: classification in the 21sr century
Week 2: Decentralising the tendencies
Week 3: Destroying the Cannon: from canonical correlation to latent variables
Week 4: Week 4: I’m a lonesome cowboy: the lasso and the performance of heterosexuality and hyper-masculinity in a variable selection context

I've written a blog on an old Bayesian counter-example from Robins and Ritov (greatly popularized by Larry Wasserman). It argues that it's not possible to find a "true" Bayesian solution to a particular problem that looks like survey sampling.


#bayesian #bayes #DataScience #statistics

I would love to downplay the significance of the errant missile that killed 2 people—as it’s clearly not an “attack” on a member state—but remember the world went to war over a Prince dude getting shot by a Serbian nationalist. That’s how easy things can escalate. I pray the U.S. plays a role of de-escalation, despite its bellicosity. We cannot let this suck the world into

The should just yield to the U.S. and stop saying nonsensical words like . We all know it's (*insert "IT'S CORN!" song*). Also stop using petrol for gasoline. You can't put crude oil in your car

rediscovering why there’s content moderation in social media and banking regulations in the industry in a matter of a few weeks is telling as to how idealistic and removed from reality is

And they say Elon Musk’s businesses are in the U.S.’s best interests

Exclusive: Tesla has considered exporting EVs from Shanghai to U.S., CanadaExclusive: Tesla has considered exporting EVs from Shanghai to U.S., Canada

Never thought Elon Musk would do so much for the adoption of a decentralised infrastructure…

Please Elon, can you buy Elsevier ?

In retrospect, these two tweets may have been Elon's most visionary.

@d8aray yes, I can see how it might help some people that are afraid of writing code. That said, I think #julialang does a great job if you want to take the leap to programming.

For example, github.com/mossr/BeautifulAlgo really impressed me, some algorithms are so elegant and simple!

Looking for an iOS app for #mastodon? 

The official app is limited. Once you’ve gotten comfy on here I suggest you ditch it.

Toot! is a paid app and worth it. Filled with delightful touches and a glorious UX.

Metatext is a free open source app that has a lot of features but no frills.

Tooot, yeah three o’s, is a minimalist app better than the official app.

Mammoth is currently in TestFlight beta from the dev that looks super-promising but lacks key features at this point but it’s 1 to watch.

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