People at my workplace this week were making jokes about Drum 'n' Bass being harsh. Ironically, there was a facebook discussion about some of the most beautiful / haunting and Drum 'n' Bass tracks throughout the genre's history on one of my Facebook groups. I compiled some of the songs that were nominated into a single playlist of the most beautiful, haunting and classic Drum 'n' Bass tracks.

I am putting together a large list of the best 90s for a thing called . What should I definitely have on there?

Oddisee's rap + Bon Iver's "Stacks" and Aretha Franklin's "Say a Little Prayer". Apparently he couldn't clear the samples and it never got officially released but, through the magic of the internet, we can still appreciate what might have been.

Oddisee - Paralyzed

ListenBrainz finally got their Spotify-like "Year in Review" mechanism working and it's pretty sweet.

The room full of Fiddler's came back from their break and are now playing sombre, discordant drones and I am wondering if drugs have something to do with it.

Apparently it's Jim Reid's 61st birthday. The Jesus & Mary Chain are my all-time favourite band. Their single best song, in my opinion, is Rollercoaster.

The most important thing I have to do tomorrow is make a list of the best singles of 2022. Unfortunatley I have to drive to so I am just going to have to do it in my head on the way. In the meantime... here's another release that hasn't left my playlist:

Hey Qoto -- this is my new since I am new to the server. I am not new to Mastodon (2019, if I am not mistaken) but I've been using it at arms length and finding more and more reason to be here as more and more interesting people are coming over to the Fediverse.

I am passionate about and . I work in the Video Game industry and I like new ideas, reason, rationality and intelligent discourse. My last instances were getting a little too China-like for me with the instance blocking so I stumbled upon this one and it seems like a good home. I'll give it a try for a while.

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