Because they are warm, durable and comforting. Also, they're on the east coast and it's been a part of our culture since the late 80s.

Say what you will about but this playlist cover I just created using is peak and it's f**king awesome.


There's something really odd about this one...

Not sure if I am missing a joke or if de Adder messed up on his scaling in Illustrator.

Our IPA Will Jam Your Face with Hops - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

"...perhaps you don’t have the guts to drink an octuple-IPA that’s caustic grains are mashed over actual lava sourced from Ethiopia’s Erta Ale volcano while loudspeakers crank out MotΓΆrhead’s β€œAce of Spades” on a loop inside an abandoned underground nuclear testing site."

This was mentioned on as one of their top albums of 2022. I completely missed it last year but it's awesome.

I just saw this at the bottom of a website devoted to sharing knowledge about open technology. I find this attitude so weird and contradictory. is just tech and it makes perfect sense to take issue with how it's used (scams, unethical schemes etc). It also makes sense to criticize a tech for its flaws and drawbacks. What doesn't make sense at all is portraying a technology as inherently wrong in the absence of any context at all.

ListenBrainz finally got their Spotify-like "Year in Review" mechanism working and it's pretty sweet.

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