Looks like Canada finally has a centrist party -- at least in name. Remains to be seen whether or not it's a real thing or some would-be politician with an opinion and a Twitter account.

I'm going to try and boost it today now that the temperature is higher.

⚠️ Warning to anyone on the mstdn.party or mstdn.plus servers, recommend you move to another server ASAP.

Their only admin is apparently unreachable, and his accounts haven't posted anything since Dec 2022.

You can find a new server at joinmastodon.org/servers or fedi.garden (the servers listed there have at least two admins and promise to give 3 months warning of any shutdown).

There's a step-by-step guide to moving your account at fedi.tips/how-to-use-mastodon-

Our car did not survive yesterday. Wouldn't start yesterday and it's 100% dead this morning. :(

Netflix's "Cunk on Earth" is the laugh you need right now.

Someone in Australia is currently very pleased that they got to use their fancy 360 degree gamma spectroscope camera device to find that lost radioactive source.

I want one.


I'm participating in early this month but that's the only commitment that's holding me on Twitter. The shutting down of the API was very indicative of the way it's going and, frankly, it's not offering much (anything?) that Mastodon doesn't do better at this point.

my career would not be what it is today without there having been a free and open Twitter API. Making it paid-only is a monumentally stupid business decision but also just like… what a loss for internet weirdos everywhere

I missed the Green Comet. The next time it comes back, in 50,000 years, I'll be viewing it from my simulated consciousness uploaded into the cloud.

Captured this small and violent squall that moved over the lighthouse last June, we could not believe what we were witnessing, the rain and hail came in seconds after I took this shot and we had to retreat #RubhaNanGall #Lighthouse #Nature #LandscapePhotography #BeautifulScotland #IsleOfMull #Mull #Tobermory #Scotland #StormyWeather #Rainbow #Photography #SunSet #AltText

"The goal is to have less in common with the Taliban, not more." -- David Sedaris, A Speech to the Graduates

Because they are warm, durable and comforting. Also, they're on the east coast and it's been a part of our culture since the late 80s.

This doesn't make you want to reach out, grab him by the collars and say, "Dammit, Dylan! Just tell me what you're trying to say!?"

Everyone (...well... ok, Twitter...) is talking about Jordan Peterson's terrible steak advice but it just made me want to go and find a (medium) really well executed Wagyu. πŸ₯©

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