Just found this old meme in my download folder as I was cleaning it out. I haven't stopped laughing for a few minutes now.


Nah, just added an image to counterpoint the "chasing own tail" on OP.

The fight happened in the past (Italy, Spain, Germany) and it wasn't easy, pretty or funny.


@design_RG @freemo What fight? I am confused as to who you are calling Nazis, and thus also confused as to why.

Not pointing at anyone in particular, just that opposing extremism is a real thing. And the radicalization on the US atm is worrisome.

A lot of people inflamed, getting information from one sided "media" and many armed to their teeth. Could end up badly.


@design_RG @freemo Nobody we were talking about opposes extremism. Antifa doesn't oppose extremism, they are the extremists.



Agreed that they are radical, but they clearly oppose people who are not pretty flowers. See last year in August, the torch walkthru University campus and armed militia coming to town.

Ending on protester being killed intentionally with a vehicle.

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Two examples of violence I witnessed at three separate protests in different states:

1) Antifa members kickng and punching an old man simply for wearing a MAGA hat. The old man was mostly on the ground aft6er the first blow getting klcked.

2) Antifa members throwing explosives (dangerous fireworks) at an old couple walking past.

3) no actual violence but heard one Antifa member talking about starting violence, and using a weapon (knife I didnt see).


The incident you describe, with an aged person being attacked by a group, is clearly criminal and indefensible.


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