Just found this old meme in my download folder as I was cleaning it out. I haven't stopped laughing for a few minutes now.


Nah, just added an image to counterpoint the "chasing own tail" on OP.

The fight happened in the past (Italy, Spain, Germany) and it wasn't easy, pretty or funny.


@design_RG @freemo What fight? I am confused as to who you are calling Nazis, and thus also confused as to why.

Not pointing at anyone in particular, just that opposing extremism is a real thing. And the radicalization on the US atm is worrisome.

A lot of people inflamed, getting information from one sided "media" and many armed to their teeth. Could end up badly.



The media has very little credibility for me in America sadly. So with anything I form an opinion on I did either first hand research, or rely on more scholarly sources (the latter being rare on anything political).

In the case of ANTIFA I heard two opposite stories from the left and the right, so I went to rallies around the world and tried to observe for myself to decide.

What I saw: At more than half of the protests I went to if Antifa was present then they either engaged in violence or threatened to do so (where I personally witnessed it). Now keep in mind this was more than a year ago at this point.

What I can also say is that the right occasionally used violence to, but it was very rare, in fact I only witnessed that once.

So I can say, from my own experience, that Antifa use violence as a primary means to attack anyone they accused of being a Nazi, which most of the time, they were not, simply conservative.


Video w/ language, violence 

Video w/ language, violence against a minor 

@design_RG @freemo This has been an interesting thread but I must get up and get moving. I leave for my flight in a little over two hours, and I have a lil bit of packing to do, and I gotta eat.

Feel free to keep to conversation alive and I will respond when I have time. πŸ‘ πŸ™‚


Yes, do take care of those. Have a good trip!

Sometimes I wish we had an "opt out/unsubscribe" control in Mastodon. I just got stormed into a busy one, where we just had talked about Pizza, red Wine and nice ladies, then BOOM... 😜

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