* Window 10 FREE upgrade for Windows 7 or 8 Registered users ! *

Microsoft is still allowing Windows 7 and 8.x users to upgrade their systems (which must be activated) for __*FREE*__ to a Windows 10 of the same family.

Someone running Windows 7 Home, Home Premium or Ultimate can go thru it, and have a legal and Activated Windows 10 Home digital license at the end. A Windows 7 or 8 Pro install will upgrade to a Windows 10 Professional, fully licensed.

I have done it, twice, in recent days. And it's EASY, anyone can do it.

On today's web magazine, live at :

@design_RG Important to remember, unplug all USB flash drives and external storage devices! Forgot to do this for a friend and it hung for a * long * time...

Just before the support expiration date, my Windows7 (Acer Aspire 1410) was turned into Windows10HOME and rescued using the above method! Many Thanks! @design_RG

(By the way, as usual, Grub for dual booting with Ubuntu was broken and rescueed.)

@puzzl Ah, wonderful!! 😄

Glad to know you liked the post and benefited from it. I think most people have NO idea this is still possible, it's been 3 and a half years since that free Upgrade offer "expired".

Still good and well, I got two machines upgraded and fully licensed that way too.

There's one reason for some machines not going that way, and it's if their hardware is under-powered, or has obscure drivers.

I have a small, netboook Acer model, 10.1" tiny thing that I bought for carrying on bike touring trips. It has an Intel processor and chipset, modest but workable, but the Video driver was developed by a third party company. This they kept as closed source, and only ever provided in binary, compiled form, in 32 bits version only.

The processor is 64 bits Atom dual core, it has 4 GB of ram, but when I installed Windows 10 on it was an unpleasant experience -- the Display drivers were generic VGA ones, without Hardware acceleration, and a pain to see it redrawing a screen.

So I downgraded it to Windows 7, and will keep it at that. Linux is not an option since the drivers don't exist for it, because of the developers obtuseness. Intel should have muscled them into releasing source, but this is not a large niche of the market, so it is left as an orphan unfortunately.

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