And I had the pleasure to chat with the admin of a nice and progressive Mastodon instance. I had heard about, my feline loving friend Georgia hosts he nice @cats curated feline posting account there.

@freemo vouched for Quey's admin, which is a huge endorsement in my view too.

Plus, European location, under European Union Privacy laws -- this is something high on my considerations list.

goes to our friends at -- be added in a upcoming new version 2 of my "Why Choosing an Instance is Important" blog post -- quite popular and very satisfying to me as a curious and author.

Read original post for now?


I know the admin of Quey personally. He lives in the Netherlands and we have hung out in the past. Good guy.

I wouldn't label quey as "progressive" though. They aim to be politics neutral last I saw.


@freemo @cats Thanks for the clarification.

Being EU located and with local citizenry membership would tend progressive in my opinion, but this is a guess of mine.

Very refreshing to see an instance natively supporting Hispanic users. Thumbs up!

If you have any more questions or anything you can always ask me 😃

We aim to be neutral indeed but people have right on their opinion ofc ❤️

@design_RG @freemo @cats


For sure! But don't look at our 'Sinterklaas' shit.. That's bad.

@design_RG @cats



Sadly we have been exposed to that -- Overload, omg.

December is already hard for people not interested in it, but I imagine in NL it's a degree or two deeper into Hell. 😜

Jeff posted many photos here.
@freemo @cats

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