And I had the pleasure to chat with the admin of a nice and progressive Mastodon instance. I had heard about, my feline loving friend Georgia hosts he nice @cats curated feline posting account there.

@freemo vouched for Quey's admin, which is a huge endorsement in my view too.

Plus, European location, under European Union Privacy laws -- this is something high on my considerations list.

goes to our friends at -- be added in a upcoming new version 2 of my "Why Choosing an Instance is Important" blog post -- quite popular and very satisfying to me as a curious and author.

Read original post for now?


I know the admin of Quey personally. He lives in the Netherlands and we have hung out in the past. Good guy.

I wouldn't label quey as "progressive" though. They aim to be politics neutral last I saw.


@freemo @cats Thanks for the clarification.

Being EU located and with local citizenry membership would tend progressive in my opinion, but this is a guess of mine.

Very refreshing to see an instance natively supporting Hispanic users. Thumbs up!

If you have any more questions or anything you can always ask me 😃

We aim to be neutral indeed but people have right on their opinion ofc ❤️

@design_RG @freemo @cats


For sure! But don't look at our 'Sinterklaas' shit.. That's bad.

@design_RG @cats


I wouldnt say all that. I mean historically yea it had plenty of influence from racist mentality of the past.. But in modern time, I dont think anyone who practices it expresses it as a racist act."

don't get me wrong, I have no issue with the movement to adjust it to remove the racist influences (such as adding different colors to the facepaint). That process is happening. But When I participated in it last year I saw no hate, or racism, or anything that illicited disgust. Just some kids having fun and race never seemed to enter into their minds.

My bigger issue was the protestors ruining it for the kids. I have no issue with them protesting and even agree with the direction they want to go. But dont put the kids in the cross fire.

@design_RG @cats


That's completly true and I also use to think that way ;-) There's indeed no hate and it's for kids etc but I can't image how it must look like from the outside haha..

What if you where never here and never got a first glimps? The holiday is okay but with some changes indd..

Every year this get worse and worse.. I wonder when this will escalate. And indd the kids are the ones getting it..

@design_RG @cats


Oh it looks horrible to most from the outside I'm sure. Particularly people who have a strong interest in racial equality.

But I care less about how it looks and more about what it is. Its a good thing to change for sure, but in its current form it has no racism to it. So nothing the Dutch should be a shamed of.

change takes time, it is happening. I just hope it happened more peacefully than it is.

@design_RG @cats


Sadly we have been exposed to that -- Overload, omg.

December is already hard for people not interested in it, but I imagine in NL it's a degree or two deeper into Hell. 😜

Jeff posted many photos here.
@freemo @cats

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