Privacy is great and all, wish google had more of it. But its never hurt me so its hard for me to prioritize it over features or usability.



I dont even use safari on my macs, even there I use chrome. Partly so I can sync up my bookmarks. Ya never know when your gonna need your porn bookmarks when on the go!

@design_RG @Perico

@freemo @design_RG @Perico haha the same here brother :blobcathearthug: Chrome on macOS and Safari on iOS since it's the default and can't e changed. i do have a total of 4 browsers on my mobile lol :flan_laugh:


Nice, I'm an android man myself though, google is in all my shit.

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You could use a Chromium variant and still have more control -- some of them I consider valuable and attractive products, although I abhor the lousy programming ethics that made Chrome a slug, a resource hog.

Not for me, no Chrome anywhere in this house and network. For many years now.

@stux @Perico

@design_RG @freemo @stux @Perico I was a Brave user up until recently when some questionable code was found in the source. Now I'm running a kitted out Firefox on my desktop and Fennec with a bunch of privacy plugins on Android.

@design_RG @freemo @stux @Perico

I was using Chromium alongside Firefox as Scratch worked with Chromium, but after updating from Debian 9 to 10, chromium was slow and I mean really slow, I more recently switched to chrome as I 'needed' scratch to support code club.

What is worse is people within the Debian community are very (or seemed) unresponsive to the issue when I tried to ask if anyone else was having the same issue.

Issues on privacy to one, side sometimes people have to use certain software, and if they cared about the community they would actually try and support the software they provide.

Not had issues with Chrome, so why are there issues with Chromium on the exact same system.

It was slow on my netbook too after the same upgrade.

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