@hansw will be glad to know I have found a new Home for all my Cat photos -- just today.

And I am happy to see the members at the catgram.jp community welcoming my arrival and the photos I am bringing there.

My Cat posts will be mostly at this NEW location, my very first account in a Japanese instance.

@yann2 --> catgram.jp/@yann2

I am very happy to have found a place where all users are Cat Lovers and will not be bothered if I post too many pics.

Surprised and happy to see their Favouriting and Boosting my posts. As well as Fediverse users from all over the world already finding and reacting to my posts as well.

To the many Cat lover friends in Twitter, I would like to offer a snapshot and a link to a really nice Gallery - which a Japanese administrator set up to display some of the gorgeous cat photos he saw recently.


Nancy is a lovely Tuxedo, a star along with her sister Pickle.

inaugurating my new Japanese instance account.

=--> @yann2 is alive.

RT @PickleAndNancy
Yay! 🎉 and Nancy (!) are designing new cat pins! We hope to get one of the new ones into our shop at some point next month! 🎉

Capture the moment. Great photo! Thank you

RT @jwillisdovetail
HEY HEY HEY @whiskobar hope you are ok nuddy we are missing you 🧡COOOOOOOWEEEEEE 😹😹😹

Goby's Chalet, looking good.

RT @gobycat10
Staff had plans to get rid of my shelter box. I don’t think so. How could she? This box brought me here.

Rollo, shall be appreciated by all, except Hans. 😛😾

RT @RosieandRollo
@design_RG Big Sister was visiting. She bombards us with kisses and strokes so the shiny fur is all her doing. The burden of a stressful life takes its toll on Rollo's whisker of worry.

My bro Rollo, a gorgeous , shiny coat. And a new White whisker, just for charm.

RT @RosieandRollo
Rollo has lost weight but he's gained the most magnificent white whisker (singular)!

A shared box is still a Good Box.

RT @Miezebiene
The economical use of a box is very important 😸😸 You never know when you get a new one 😼😼📦⁉️ Happy furry friends ❤️😺😽💕 *Phoebe* and *Juno* ❤️

Trixie, my kind of gal. Lovely Tuxedo.

RT @BeatrixAnn1
I'm having a relaxing morning in Bennett's bed. I hope everyone is having a peaceful Sunday 💞

Kitten discovers Coffee.

RT @Pebblescutiecat
Good morning furriends! Mummy has this funny drink every morning and sometimes the bubbles on top pop! I’m not sure what I think of it!

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