A great opportunity here - get your application in.
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I am looking for a PhD candidate, who is enthusiastic to investigate NK cells, their anti-viral functions as well as their metabolism.
Apply here👉 lnkd.in/eit_CFh3

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Research fellow and research assistant positions available in the Lavelle lab on novel for bacterial infections.
Apply here: tinyurl.com/5kpdd4m6: tinyurl.com/ms56hrc8

@tcdTBSI, @tcddublin, @Irishimmunology, @EFIS_Immunology, @y_efis, @PoolbegPharma

Doctors who repeatedly and blatantly contradict themselves, convincing parents that rare vaccine side effects are a fate worse than death, don’t deserve our trust. sciencebasedmedicine.org/vrius

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Excited to share our preprint showing that cross-presenting dendritic cells express a perforin-related, pore-forming protein perforin-2 (Mpeg1). Perforin-2 is targeted to endocytic compartments, where it facilitates release of antigens into the cytosol. biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/20

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Professor Cliona O'Farrelly has today been named a 2022 @aaas Fellow. Cliona has been honoured for her outstanding achievements as a researcher in the field of comparative immunology.

Read more at: bit.ly/3jjlGdb

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It's been a great week on the @ERC_Research front with two Trinity researchers winning Proof of Concept Grants and another two winning Consolidator Grants!

Congratulations everyone 🎉

👉 bit.ly/3Ht3EhY
👉 bit.ly/40ehZGm

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Exciting news for the school this morning with the announcement of @SDoyleTcd's award from the @ERC_Research for her ground-breaking investigations for novel immunotherapies to fight blindness. Congratulations Sarah! Read more about Sarah's research here: bit.ly/3JBdQGm

Such a well deserved award, Sarah. A great research vision by a fantastic scientist 😀👏🎉🎉🎉.
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Excited & extremely grateful to be awarded an to study how to harness our immune system to treat blinding diseases like wet AMD. Huge thanks to all lab members past & present for getting us to this position, and to friends and family for all your support along the way 🙏 twitter.com/trinitymed1/status

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📢 Looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow to join the team!
Translational project to identify early molecular signatures which might predict onset of
Deadline: 31st Jan 2023.
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Just what I needed, an easy listening podcast @immunotea


Communicating scientific fact is exactly how to counter all the misinformation out there.

So, put the kettle on ☕️, sit back, here comes some immunology 🦠🩸🧫 😁


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did you notice that in the last release we added a feature to study protein families. For example, how about looking at the glycolytic proteins and how they change upon T cell activation in CD8s?

Easily done in the heatmap section 😎

Delighted to get funding for - moving towards measuring multiple metabolic fluxes in single cells in vivo……cue imposter’s syndrome 😬😬😨.

Thank god for my awesome collaborators @LindaVSinclair @svankasteren
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We've just announced 90 new Proof of Concept Grants, ending the final round of 2022 competition. This brings to 366 the total number of grantees who received under the ERC last year’s wo…

Location, location, location!!

Great study by @cris_f_aguiar and @MoraeaPedro showing that the tissue of resistance dictates iNKT cell metabolism, and lots more…..

A must read for all out there.
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@CellReports had a great timing on putting the paper online the day after my birthday 🎁 Thanks!
We are happy to share our work on iNKT cell metabolism 👇🏼

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We're hiring an RA to work with me and Prof. Jean Fletcher ( and translational ) in @tcdTBSI through the COVID-19 Immunology Research Hub. Please spread the word! Deadline Friday week...

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Online now: Non-canonical inflammasome activation mediates the adjuvanticity of nanoparticles dlvr.it/ShB4VQ

Lymphatic vessels in the bone marrow!! 🤔

Sure why not. Makes sense now that I think about it 😁


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Registration is now open for ! Welcome to the north on September 26-29, we look forward to hosting you in Oslo, Norway and learn and discuss everything new about NK cells! nk2023.org/registration

SIZE MATTERS, when it comes to particulate adjuvants.
Very relevant for vaccine design. Great work by @RossWWard44 from @EdLavellee lab @tcdbi @tcdTBSI
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Please check out our new paper just published in @CellRepMed - We show that for polymeric particulate adjuvants size matters!

We demonstate the size dependant adjuvanticity of polymeric parti…

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