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New cover @NatImmunol depicting NK cell-intrinsic sex differences.
O'Sullivan & Maureen Su Labs @UCLA show that an extra copy of the X-linked epigenetic regulator UTX in female mice increases NK cell effector function in female mice.

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Signed, sealed, delivered! Our open letter to @SimonHarrisTD with 1800+ signatures was delivered to @DeptofFHed today where we had a very constructive meeting with Minister. Now to next steps @OireachtasNews, let's make Ireland the best place to do research

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Excellent discussion with Simon Harris, Minister for Further and Higher Education Research Innovation and Science, as the Irish govt prepares the Research and Innovation Bill 2023- once in a generation chance to set Ireland on the best path for research and innovation support. twitter.com/janeohlmeyer/statu

This study is exciting because it uses a direct intervention, using a recombinant anchored enzyme, to change nutrient levels within a local micro environment.

What enzyme would you like to use therapeutically?

And into what micro environment would you like to anchor it?


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IDO-Gal3 reduces the severity of symptoms in mice with established osteoarthritis.

They also show anti-inflammatory effects in skin inflammation and that IDO-Gal3 averts and inhibits periodontal disease progression. (4/5)

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Using a mechanical overloading osteoarthritis mouse model, mice were treated weekly with intra-articular IDO-Gal3 injections.

You can clearly see the retention of Gal3-IDO in the joint. (3/5)

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Key advance:

Generating an IDO-Gal3 fusion protein.

Gal3 binds to fly and in the extracellular matrix (ECM) of tissues, anchoring IDO in place at the site of inflammation - very clever IMHO. (2/5)

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Harnessing anti-inflammatory potential of IDO.

Exciting new approach by @keselowsky, @GregHudalla using IDO therapeutically as an anti-inflammatory . (Short 🧵 1/5)

Suppression of local inflammation via galectin-anchored indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase


*compartmentalisation - can’t blame autocorrect for that one 🤣

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Great opportunities here @TCDPharmacy , with stipends to match the cost of living in Dublin - that is something you only see @tcddublin atm.

Get you applications in…….4 days left
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👇 Fully funded PhD positions (including €25,000 stipend/year to the students) in a range of pharmaceutical sciences and biomedical fields…. RTs appreciated twitter.com/TCDPharmacy/status

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We have some exciting positions open for application in our School of (which is ranked very highly). See here pharmacy.tcd.ie/research/Panoz for more information and to complete the initial application form before 5th May!

Interesting analysis of manuscript retraction data, 2010-12 vs 2017-19:
-Increase in # of retracted papers
-Change in geographical origins.


Data in figures shows groups of urban areas between which at least 2 retracted articles were co-authored.


Interesting 🤔. A common mechanism, located at the lysosome, linking amino acid and energy stress to organelle biosynthesis.

A few of my favourites in this one:


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Slc46a2 is critical for transporting DAP-type peptidoglycans into keratinocytes, inhibited by the anti-inflammatory methotrexate, and works with the NOD1 pathway to incite psoriatic inflammation @SilvermanNeal @ImmunityCP

Gut bacteria move into tumours and support immunotherapies by metabolising tryptophan to make indole-3-aldehyde.

More reasons to take care of your gut microbiome.

😬😬 not sure I have any gut bacteria left after 9 weeks iv antibiotics 😬😩


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Here’s last week collection of papers on in pathological and !
@ImmunoMet @Bims_BiomedNews
👉🏽 biomed.news/bims-mepmim/2023-0
My highlight from Stuehr's lab on IDO and TDO regulation through control of heme allocation by

Lots to be learnt about compartmentalism of metabolism inside immune cells.

Here they show cytosolic mitochondria enriched with different machinery to peri-lipid droplet mitochondria.

Burning lipid versus building lipid.

🔥 vs 👷


Lots of interest things in this paper but one thing that struck me was that:

"CD44 mediates the endocytosis of specific metals bound to hyaluronate, including copper".

A new transporter it would seem, at least to my knowledge anyway😁


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