Mitochondrial damage activates the NLRP10 inflammasome
We are super excited to share the newest publication from the Latz Lab @IIIBonn in @NatImmunol 🔥🎉

A great collaboration with Franklin Zhong and @FISchmidtLab

Summary below, from twitterless 1st author Tom... 1/n

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We are hiring! We have four fantastic funded open for applications here in the School of Pharmacy. Full information here
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Monocarboxylate transporters facilitate succinate uptake into brown adipocytes
Nice work @AnitaReddy1, @echouchani, @evanna_mills and team! Great to see the mechanism of uptake solved!

M1 macrophage - fragmented mitochondria - glycolytic

M2 macrophage - elongated mitochondria - FAO

Also opposite to correlation described by Ngo et al. in non immune cells:

🤨 something different it’s going on in

Any other examples?

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Effector CD8 T cells - fragmented mitochondria but glycolytic

Memory CD8 T cells - elongated mitochondria but use FAO and OXPHOS

Opposite way around to mechanism described by NGO et al.

🤔 Food for thought..

Other Immunometabolism examples? Reply..

(From Erika Pearce’s lab)

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Oooooo, what’s that…mitochondria morphology controls Fatty acid oxidation (FAO). 🤔

Fragmented - CPT1 more active - ⬆️ FAO.

Elongated - CPT1 more sensitive to inhibition - ⬇️ FAO

Does this fit with what we know about Immunometabolism? 🤔🤨🧐

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If you are looking for a post doc in immunemetabolism, look no further. Dylan is an exceptional scientist! 👇👇🔥🔥

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Great opportunity to join Dylan Ryan’s lab - you won’t work with a better PI in a superb area with huge potential.

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An absolutely stunning video from Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, celebrating not just St Patrick's Day, but a Century of Peace building, 100 years after our independence. Happy
one and all ☘️ 🇮🇪

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Novel mouse models based on intersectional genetics to identify and characterize pDCs @NatImmunol @DalodCiml

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Protein posttranslational modifications can break tolerance to the self-proteome: metabolite-induced cysteine carboxyethylation generates neoantigens that may fuel autoimmunity @ScienceMagazine

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Paper just out from the lab on a new mechanism of innate immune inhibition by the human-specific poxvirus Molluscum Contagiosum Virus funded by @SFI Frontiers. Congrats @ThomasPhelan2 who just handed in his PhD thesis on this work. @TCDTMI @TrinityMed1

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whoa, what a day... a milestone for mitochondrial biology in cancer from the Shackelford lab!

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This is dynamite from Kaveh Solhekol on Sky Sports News. Absolutely nails it. He has the Tories and BBC on toast. Well done!! 👏 Take 2 mins and watch👇

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This intro is brilliant - but the whole piece is so smart and so thoughtful too.

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Dear @GaryLineker
You were one of the first people to donate towards my fundraising for neurorehab, so In light of the shit show that’s unfolding right now, I thought I’d pick this moment to share that because of you and so many other incredible people here, I took my first…

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The theory of quaternions was born when a sudden thought came to William Rowan Hamilton as he was walking with his wife along the Royal Canal in Dublin, Ireland. It was the fundamental formula:

i² = j² = k² = ikj = -1

[read more:]

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