Effector CD8 T cells - fragmented mitochondria but glycolytic

Memory CD8 T cells - elongated mitochondria but use FAO and OXPHOS

Opposite way around to mechanism described by NGO et al.

🤔 Food for thought..

Other Immunometabolism examples? Reply..

(From Erika Pearce’s lab)

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Oooooo, what’s that…mitochondria morphology controls Fatty acid oxidation (FAO). 🤔

Fragmented - CPT1 more active - ⬆️ FAO.

Elongated - CPT1 more sensitive to inhibition - ⬇️ FAO

Does this fit with what we know about Immunometabolism? 🤔🤨🧐


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An absolutely stunning video from Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, celebrating not just St Patrick's Day, but a Century of Peace building, 100 years after our independence. Happy
one and all ☘️ 🇮🇪

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This is dynamite from Kaveh Solhekol on Sky Sports News. Absolutely nails it. He has the Tories and BBC on toast. Well done!! 👏 Take 2 mins and watch👇

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This intro is brilliant - but the whole piece is so smart and so thoughtful too.

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Dear @GaryLineker
You were one of the first people to donate towards my fundraising for neurorehab, so In light of the shit show that’s unfolding right now, I thought I’d pick this moment to share that because of you and so many other incredible people here, I took my first… twitter.com/i/web/status/16342

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The theory of quaternions was born when a sudden thought came to William Rowan Hamilton as he was walking with his wife along the Royal Canal in Dublin, Ireland. It was the fundamental formula:

i² = j² = k² = ikj = -1

[read more: buff.ly/3pndnxN]

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We shouldn't listen to people because we agree with what they think. We should listen when we're impressed by how they think.

Intellectual loyalty is defending strong convictions. Intellectual integrity is being convinced by strong arguments.

A key to waitbutwhy.comtwitter.com/i/web/status/16281

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We now have data on the safety of in from *nine* countries (thanks Romania!) 🇷🇴

👩🏻‍🔬 36 studies

🤰🏿 Including more than 364,068 ppl vaccinated in pregnancy

...find no increased risk of pregnancy problems.



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Trinity has taken key steps to improve for researchers, including consolidating the University’s three internal schemes and increasing their associated to €25,000.
Read more here: tcd.ie/news_events/top-stories

Delighted to see this. So much respect for you and all you do to communicate the data based evidence regarding the Covid vaccines and pregnancy. 💪👩‍🔬
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Viki Male (2004) returned to college to receive the alumna of the year award - set up to recognise individual contributions to society.
During the pandemic, Viki ensured pregnant people could access evidence-based information on the C…

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Professor Doreen Cantrell has been named the British recipient of the Feldberg Prize 2023 from the Feldberg Foundation. This annual award to given to a scientist who is deemed outstanding in their particular field.

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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 1,574 babies exposed to infection before 20 weeks of , compared to 4,722 uninfected controls

👉🏻 No increased risk of congenital anomalies associated with infection


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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 6,731 exposed to before 20 weeks of , vs 20,193 controls

👉🏻 No increased risk of congenital anomalies

👉🏻 Including when analysis was restricted to vaccination in the vulnerable window before 10 weeks of pregnancy



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Professor Cliona O'Farrelly has today been named a 2022 @aaas Fellow. Cliona has been honoured for her outstanding achievements as a researcher in the field of comparative immunology.

Read more at: bit.ly/3jjlGdb

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It's been a great week on the @ERC_Research front with two Trinity researchers winning Proof of Concept Grants and another two winning Consolidator Grants!

Congratulations everyone 🎉

👉 bit.ly/3Ht3EhY
👉 bit.ly/40ehZGm

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Exciting news for the school this morning with the announcement of @SDoyleTcd's award from the @ERC_Research for her ground-breaking investigations for novel immunotherapies to fight blindness. Congratulations Sarah! Read more about Sarah's research here: bit.ly/3JBdQGm

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📢 Looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow to join the team!
Translational project to identify early molecular signatures which might predict onset of
Deadline: 31st Jan 2023.
RT appreciated

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did you notice that in the last release we added a feature to study protein families. For example, how about looking at the glycolytic proteins and how they change upon T cell activation in CD8s?

Easily done in the heatmap section 😎

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