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This looks like it’s setting up to be amazing.

Great article, basically instead of getting a massive signal in the brain strong enough to trigger a stop or go reflex, the brain calculates the curve at which the to stimuli meet in time and speed. So it basically measure the difference between a stop signal and go signal and figures out where to land. This reminds me of the AI experiment where the computer had to connect pathways on a circuit board in an efficient way. It worked, but the scientists couldn’t figure how or why because the nodes weren’t all the way on and it was spread out. What they realized was that the AI measured the ambient electricity on the board and made its path “sensing” that. Way beyond what the researchers thought possible.

If anyone knows the research I’m talking about please send me a link because I can’t find it now.

I know she has a new album out but I’m still not over this one. I really want to go to one her concerts, however I’d have to drive a good ways if she’s passing through. I love this album and I’m pretty sure this is my favorite song.

By the way I know I didn’t post a song yesterday. To good of day and I may take all Sunday’s off now ❤️

“Can’t Do Much” by Waxahachee

During the pandemic there was a lot of civil unrest which I remember fairly well. Not only was everyone scared to death over a virus we knew little about, but there were riots and protests all over too. This song captures the emotion of that time with the music and lyrics. It came out then too so if you missed it check it out because it’s really beautiful.
“Survive” - Lane 8 feat. Leaneagh


Here’s one for y’all, Pete Drake was years ahead of his time. I fell in love with this song when I first heard it. Now I want to share.
“I’m Just A Guitar(Everybody Picks On Me) by Pete Drake

“Sponge Won’t Soak” by Wild Moccasins is a song that I’m floored at for not having heard it until this year. It came out in 2014 and I completely missed it. Sometimes I understand that I’ll get into a band late and will have to settle for back catalogues especially if they’re not together anymore. I don’t mind this because I got into classic rock in middle/highschool and accepted the fact that the music I loved was from a different time. “Sponge Won’t Soak was to close to my radar though while being just outside of of it which irks me. Glad I found it though, and now you can listen to it.

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Really getting into the Taco Bell Film Festival schedule this year!

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Boost this toot if you're planning on sticking around Mastodon whether or not it becomes more popular than the birdsite.

Today’s post is good for lonely winter nights, maybe strung out on something too. Have I been there. More or less. One of my favorite Beck songs. Although not my favorite album. That would be Midnight Vultures 😜

I’ve posted a Bon Iver song here before, this is band Justin Vernon is a part of called Big Red Machine. If I had to describe their music. I’d say it’s like the Bon Iver self titled album meets a Thom Yorke solo project. Listen to the whole first album and tell me if you think I’m right or wrong.

“Hymnostic” Big Red Machine

This time I'm posting "Song to the Siren" by Sinead O'Connor. Now I chose this version for one reason, and that is that it's my favorite.
Tim Buckley was the first, and wrote this song I believe. While This Mortal Coil's cover is the most well known version. Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins sang on the This Mortal Coil song and I recommend giving that a listen to also.

Here's the song on youtube...

Here’s a treat for you guys.
This song different from his other work in that he sings on it and there aren’t any samples. He does a lot of downtempo kind of work but I especially love this song.
Joey Pecoraro - “BedHead”

@freemo Hey I’m loving mastodon so far thanks to your instance and I’m looking for a way to donate, and can’t find anything.

Y’all this is Silver Apples! They’re from the 60s but used oscillators from WW2 and based their music around patterns instead instead of beats so they sound very modern with a early psychedelic vibe.


Not feeling it today but I still want to keep this going.
“Terrible Lie” by Nine Inch Nails

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@flsounds I really struggled between no sleep and flights but ultimately the no sleep thing will help me daily & the flying thing… damn it, I should have gone with flying. I’ll continue to think about it.

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@flsounds At this point, I'd love to not feel tired for a change. Bathroom, ehh, I can live with it. Flight? Meh. True love? Not my style.

But not feeling tired? SIGN ME UP!

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