Another math joke to show off 's math rendering. Feel free to share your own jokes!

Remember Sex is fun, its the law!

Let \(f(a) = \sqrt[n]{e^x}\)

\lim_{t\rightarrow\infty} f(a) - \frac{i}{f(t)} = \frac{d}{dx} f(u) \\
\lim_{t\rightarrow\infty} f(a) - \frac{i}{\infty} = \frac{d}{dx} f(u) \\
\lim_{t\rightarrow\infty} f(a) - 0 = \frac{d}{dx} f(u)


\sqrt[n]{e^x} = \frac{d}{dx} f(u) \\
(\sqrt[n]{e^x})^n = \frac{d}{dx} f(u)^n \\
e^x = \frac{d}{dx} f(u)^n \\
\int e^x = f(u)^n


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@freemo The horizontal bar on your radical sign seems to have a white border which obscures other symbols near it.

@khird It doesnt actually render that way for me. What browser are you on and is your zoom factor standard at 100%?

@freemo I used the DuckDuckGo browser for Android, version 5.32.1, which is the latest available from F-Droid. LaTeX rendering doesn't work at all in standalone client Tusky, but I doubt there's much you can do about that. As far as I'm aware, there are no zoom settings for the browser so by default it's at 100%.

@khird Thanks ill test it on that browser. Might be a bug in MathJax on that browser

@freemo one day somebody is going to publish his paper as toots :)

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