Hey fediverse, I can use everyone's help today to cheer up a lovely lady who is new to the fediverse.


It is her 21st birthday and sadly her family is gone so she is rather sad she cant celebrate.


Her handle is @esperera_98

I thought it would be sweet if everyone took a little time out to wish her a happy birthday and maybe attach a meme or something fun that might be special to her and make her smile. I tried to get some of her interests yesterday so we can use it to help pick memes or quotes or whatever that might help cheer her up

Here is what she said when I tried to ask her about that:

well mmm, I love the sea more than anything hahaha I always say I wish I could live there πŸ˜‚. I adore dogs and cats and I like so much daisy flowers 🌼 and sunflowers 🌻


So blast her time line away with love, and pictures of daisies and dogs, and cats and the sea. Lets make her smile!

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@cyotcku @freemo @esperera_98 A young lady with discerning and ecletic tastes in regards to so called pets. /me likes.

Giving her a subscription to the wonderful Cats Bot from Fediverse! is at

Feliz CumpleaΓ±os, amiga!

and Poppies!

@freemo Awww I'm so happy 😁 I feel so loved here πŸ’•. Thanks everyone for your time and dedication, it's a pleasure to be part of the fediverse 😺

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