@freemo Europe is the most civilized place I know. Miss it, terribly.

That's the way it should be right! With this we are kind modern but we lack in other things..

@design_RG @freemo


Should be yes, sadly it is not in some countries though.

The Netherlands is great with stuff like this.



Gotta love science and evidence-based policy. Same happened for opiates and harm reduction.

They did the science and just applied it as a policy, even though it was counterintuitive and in opposition to the popular beliefs. This actually requires some confidence and courage.

I'm sorry for countries who are still entrapped in dysfunctional quo and misconceptions simply because they lack the courage to even pick up the debate...

@kravietz Agreed.. though its a shame the Netherlands seems to be falling behind in recent years witht he cannabis policy. Which has now been surpassed by many states in the USA.

I do hope the netherlands isnt slipping and loosing the fact-based approach to their policies in modern times.


Each policy has *some* disadvantages and people get tired with them, without really understanding how the situation looked before or looks elsewhere.

Growing demand for changes is natural, each policy needs to be periodically reviewed and maintained. If you just leave it be, it no longer serves its purpose and increasingly contradicts the reality.


There is also the factor of diminishing returns in social terms: people get used to the normal. Perhaps you need more public education on how the situation looks like *outside* of NL and what you did well, and need to reiterate that periodically.

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