A 9$ computer that runs linux, hand held, full qwerty keyboard, and a touch screen... I think I need to get this!

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@freemo i have one of these microcomputer but not the keyboard. I bought it years ago but I didn't do anything with it. I bought it with a VGA hat and played a little configuring the system.

@k11m1 LOL, yea thats how it was when i was in the netherlands. I'm at my philly home right now though.

@freemo iirc it was $9 for the single board computer. The pocketchip that included the keyboard and touch display was like 50 something.

@freemo I say was because they're no longer in business and they've stopped providing updates

@freemo I have one of these :awesome: but I never actually use it lol

@freemo lol same here haha too many projects too little time :awesome:

@mandycandy I know. Part of me wishes I had more local friends half as interested in STEM as I am.

I have a house filled with labs and supplies, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in various disciplines (electrical engineering, organic chemistry, GPGPU computing, you name it)... I feel like if i could find people to share my supplies with there is so much potential other people could be having with the stuff I dont play with.

@freemo thats sounds like a paradise to me! you could make a local hackerspace or lend some things to your nearest local hackerspace? the only place I meet people in rl nearly as interested in all this nerd stuff as I am is in my hackerspace πŸ˜… I go there twice a week lol

@mandycandy I wouldnt trust people enought o lend it out. I'd have to watch over anyone using it and make sure they are doing it right, but otherwise they should be free to build whatever.

Well if you live anywhere near Philly feel free to come out and play sometime!

@freemo I totally understand this.. some things are just too expensive for others to use without experience...

well unfortunately I live in Switzerland πŸ™‚ but thank you for the invite πŸ–€

@mandycandy My other house is in the Netherlands, but no labs there. That house is just for living in :)

Shame. If you ever want to do GPGPU programming though Ic an always run apps for you on my GPU farm :)

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