So apparently the Japanese produced this sewing machine that had a slot for a Gameboy color and connected to it withrough the game slow. This would bring up an interface on the gameboy so that you can control the sewing machine with it.

This has got to be the most Japanese thing on the face of the planet.

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@freemo they also made a loom for the NES.

Also that's an embroidery machine, not a sewing machine ;)

@penny I heard of that but this is the first time I've seen a picture of it. Cool!

@freemo @General I seriously want to know the logic and depth of foresight put into this


It seems to me at the height of gameboy, all of them really, there was this idea that it was a general interface that was useful for almost anything, we just never really saw that much in america.

I've seen all sorts of stuff in this vein, for example there is a real fish radar finder that also uses the gameboy as a interface called gameboy sonar (picture attached)

Then there was the gameboy camera, which had the sole purpose of taking and sharing pictures... if you can call 4bit grayscale a "picture" :)

There was even a gameboy printer.

Also as another user pointed out ( @penny ) there is the gameboy loom.

All pictures attached.

I am sure there are many more devices in this vein that I havent thought of yet.. but yea, this is a thing.



Can you be more descriptive as to what your seeing so I can help. Is it **just** from me and him or do you see this with other people you follow? When you say receive I assume you mean in your home timeline, but not as a notification?

My guess would be your setup your home timeline to show replies (and probably boosts also). If that is the case just hit the settings button on your homeline and uncheck the replies slider. What that does is it shows you any replies any of your followers make to any post.

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@penny @General @lucifargundam @freemo @L29Ah Thanks, your guess seems to be right. Apparently such functionality only works for the local toots, and that's why i haven't received anyone else's replies to others' threads.


Ahh I wasnt aware it only worked on local toots. Thats interesting and good to know. Glad you fixed it though.

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@freemo @penny @General although I grew up with this, I don't remember any of it- probably my family was too poor to afford accessories.


Did you grow up in japan? I'd imagine if you were anywhere outside of Japan, like me, you never would have seen any of this. Only thing I knew about until recently was the gameboy camera and that was the only one I think with any real presence in the USA. It was used in a handful of games I think.

@penny @General

@freemo @lucifargundam @penny @General In retrospect, I think the extra screen they added to the successor, the #DS, was unnecessary. I almost wish I coulda gotten a #GameBoyAdvance and played #DS games on it


While I like it I do agree it isnt necessary.. but some games like final fantasy did make good use of it, so I'd keep it :)

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@freemo @realcaseyrollins @penny @General
Didn't the DS drawing games utilize the dual screens sufficiently?

@lucifargundam @freemo @penny @General Perhaps. I don’t play those, tho. And IIRC #Pokemon used the second screen quite well.


Often times the second screen was a bit like a hud in many games providing you with stats and menu access leaving the main screen for the gameplay.. I really liked that. Final fantasy used the second screen as a always up map and I thought that was super useful.

@penny @General @lucifargundam

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