AusOcean's mission is to help our oceans through technology. One way we're achieving that is with software, and "open-source software" in particular. In a nutshell, open-source software right holders grant others the rights to study, change, and distribute the software with few restrictions. Using open-source software means we don't have to re-invent the proverbial wheel all the time.

Read more from our founder here: Our mission, Open source Software and Go

@AusOcean Hi, moderator here, welcome to the server.

Generally we dont tend to permit many types of organizations or for-profit accounts here such as those that advertise, but it appears in your case you probably fit the type of organization we both allow and encourage here. So on that note let me welcome you to the server and hope you enjoy your time here.

I do however want to make a few points before you get too established just to make sure we are the right place for you to host your account.

1) You must be non-profit, and you fit that criteria, so great

2) while your more than welcome to post about new developments and things you feel are relevant to the STEM community that follows you there is a fine line between that and SPAM. Please try to make sure your posts are not just low-effort advertisements but have real content people can discuss or consider

3) There is an expectation that your posts are not cross posts, automated, or one-way. That means a real human is writing these, posting them, and actively reading comments and responding to the community. If your simply cross posting from a blog or twitter and not actively being part of the community by at least being responsive and active on your own posts, that isnt acceptable.

@arteteco @Sphinx @khird



No problem, I look forward to seeing how your organization develops and i think its a great effort you have going!

@arteteco @Sphinx @khird

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