Holy crap crypto is going crazy today.. my portfolio started up 4% over 24 hours when i woke up, now its 10% over 24 hours... up up up and away!

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We have determined you to be danger to American people, we will will invade your house and install our 'true' democracy (Also seize all your assets).
Oil is old school, now we invade for crypto :coolcat:

@freemo soo.. any pointers to good exchanges in the EU for crypto? Preferably without a absurd verification process..

@bonifartius You looking to buy into crypto with Euros as your main concern, or to trade between cryptos you have?

@bonifartius for buying into youll probably find coinbase the easiest as you can use ACH .. but you can do it via wire transfers on too

@freemo Got to our pace that inflation. Copper wire up 8% in two weeks alone.

@Full_node Actually up until april 1 the dollar has been increasing in value (deflating).. then the last two weeks it went down (inflated) by only 1%.. so these numbers are not mostly inflation.

@freemo You don't actually believe that do you?

(Not being a dick, only provoking critical thinking and questioning sources)

@Full_node What to believe, it is measured. Besides that fiat almost never inflates that quickly. If it did the economy would collapse in a few days.

@freemo They stopped measuring the M2 supply last week. I can't take their measurements seriously any longer.

@Full_node im not talking about measured supply, I'm talking about measures of the buying power of the dollar directly.

@freemo I’ve usually looked at measured supply to track inflation. They seem to follow one another pretty closely. It gives good insight as to why they stopped tracking M2. To me buying power is too short term.

Here’s a link to the chart

@Full_node Buying power is effectively the definition of inflation. Short term or not it measures the real inflation. Money supply of course influences inflation but it is only part of the equation and you do a better job measuring inflation directly (if thats what you want to know) than trying to predict it from indicators.

@freemo I'm glad I was stupid enough to buy some earlier. It's fun to watch.

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