Me: All facts are true.

Every republican and democrat in unison: FALSE!

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@freemo The logician in me doesn't know whether to laugh or cry...

@freemo yea probably best to cover all the bases haha

@freemo Indiana Jones, too!

"Archaeology is the search for fact, not truth. If it's truth you're looking for, philosophy class is down the hall."


@freemo Tell me about it. I hate getting in discussions with people who don't understand logic well. It's necessary to try to make society a more reasonable place , but arguing with people who reason backwards (from conclusion first) or from emotion is incredibly frustrating.


i try to stick to my rules, when debating and point out logic fallacys if i spot one.

this give more structure to the debate and helps me stay sane, i guess xD


@mk @freemo I do the same, but I had someone say to me, literally today, "your argument has many holes".... And didn't explain at all, despite my 3 point syllogism with clear definitions.... *sigh*


i pasted the rules here in a hedgedoc. the document is freely editable for everyone..if you want to make changes or add to it, feel free to ;-)

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