"Math is never just numbers, in the wrong hands it is a weapon, in the right hands it is deliverance" -- Foundations


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>quoting an inferior show based on a superior book
ngmi normie-kun

@freemo @Science Speaking of which, I recently heard of the various false convictions caused by statistical "malpractice" by prosecutors, the FBI, and "expert" witnesses. There's also the work of the man responsible for defending big tobacco against cancer claims and big oil from climate change, and impeding/reversing progress in these areas.

Here are a few examples:


Using statistics incorrectly to try to sell a harmful viewpoint or effect laws poorly is nothing new really. Sadly when people dont really understand even basic math it is easy to use it as a weapon against them.. Learn math, protect yourself from this :)


@freemo @Science The even worse part is that we teach children that math is just basic arithmetic, and have completely divorced logic from the curriculum. I think that honestly explains a lot of what we're seeing now society, and it's unfortunately not contained wholly to any political persuasion. There's also the idea that absolute truth does not exist, which is an even more pernicious and nasty root of societal and cultural collapse.

Ultimately, I think math is an extension of logic, but since we completely ignore the latter and its fundamental utility to living a good and decent life, we turn people off from it from an early age, which leaves them vulnerable to these forms of manipulation.

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