The QOTO server gives you 65535 characters per toot, which makes around 36 standard printing pages :blobcatscared:


And you can write in markdown that renders into html, πŸ™‚


As I often say these days, there’s bog . Then there’s Mastodon, ;-)


I am obviously biased but I think we have hands down one of the best servers on the fediverse. Drama is very rare here and when someone comes who does tend to start it they never last long. Amazing for an instance which doesnt limit the topics we are allowed to talk about and generally encourages free speech (hate speech not being free speech).

Its the first time I’ve ever seen a social media community actually work and get a long. I love it here.


@freemo @arinbasu @SteveZissou I’m very new here, but must say I’m loving this server! Excited to be part of such a great community which is not something I’ve felt on social media before! 🀩



It makes me really happy to hear that. Me and many others here have committed a lot of effort to try to have a community mature enough to talk and not fight, to be respectful and decent without the need for much if any censorship (there is always the occasional bad actor, but its rare).

Myself and im sure my fellow long-time qoto members all appreciate very much hearing that you feel safe and at home here, and most important, you are happy to be here.

@arinbasu @SteveZissou

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