I wanna do a project in haskell soooo bad.. i just cant justify a full stack project with it for various technical and social reasons... but its so much fun!

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@freemo Agree, in is exhilarating. One of my favourite papers ever on applying for fun and profit: "Exploiting vector instructions with generalized stream fusion" by Geoffrey Mainland et al. 2013 where the authors "describe a stream representation suited for efficient computation with SSE instructions" which compare favourably to C++ implementations.

@freemo i can do a bit ocaml, but somehow haskell always eluded me. are there any good resources on it except the learn you a haskell book? that one didn't work for me.

@bonifartius im not an amazing haskell programmer so im not the one to ask.. learn you a haskell combined with cheat sheets/references are mostly tthe resource I use... even then i still need help with some of the more advanced stuff.

@peterdrake @freemo no i have not. i found that videos aren't a good way for me to learn about things like programming, compared to things like woodworking, so i never looked for videos :) for computer science books are the best way for me to learn.

i still appreciate the link and may watch some select videos :)

@freemo I had a course on Logical and in college (in the 90s), and I remember falling in love with the language at first sight. And back then the compiler was just slooow. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

But I loved the functional paradigm and the elegant style embedded in the language. Just like you, I always thought the difficult part was to find a real project to work in, or at least, one related to my main area of work.

The famous example that always comes to mind is Pandoc.

@keyeoh I've done tons of little things here and there in haskell.. the problem with large projects is that there just arent enough good libraries outt there for it and finding developers for it isnt easy.... also doesnt help that it compiles to a native binary rather than run as a script (tthough we have java based haskell now)

@freemo @keyeoh GHC 9.6 should have a native JS and WASM backend, if youโ€™re into that sort of thing.

I have to say I disagree on the lack of both decent libraries and finding developers. Iโ€™ve been using Haskell professionally for nearly a decade now and rarely find either hard to come by.

Edit: a year -> a decadeโ€ฆ quite a difference!


For the common stuff youll have no trouble finding libraries.. its the more obscure stuff youll be stuck with.. I cant tell you how many times ive wanted to do a project in haskell but the algorithm of interest simply had no implementation.


@keyeoh @freemo Well! Then you just get the pleasure of being the one to write it! Someone had to write the others, time to be the changes you wish to see in the world ๐Ÿ˜


Ive written a few algorithms in haskell partly for the fun partly for the need. But when starting a new project I usually pick the language that will burden me the least.



For the record there have even been some fairly standard algorithms that I havent ever found.. for example the multibimap... which I had to write myself:


@freemo @keyeoh well, hit my up next time thereโ€™s something missing, Iโ€™m always up for a #Haskell challenge


For sure, any excuse to use haskell would be good by me!

Markov chain I wrote in haskell if your curious too:


@freemo Iโ€™ve been thinking the same thing about #forth for decades. Itโ€™s such a great #rpn language. The first compiler Iโ€™ve ever bought, on a cassette tape, for my ZX Spectrum. #haskell is also cool, though.

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