So apparently Musk is going to require **all** users pay to use twitter, no more free accounts of any kind.

Assuming this eliminates ads, might be the first move Elon made with Twitter that will make my personal experience better... not so sure about all the people who cant afford it though....

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I have a feeling Mastodon is going to get another surge of refugees.

@freemo it's one of those cases where people are reading way too much into a statement makes on the fly.

The statement I've seen quoted was his merely musing about ways to combat bots. And then the world blew up interpreting that as his saying they would definitely be charging everyone for access.

We've been around this cycle so many times, but people never learn.

It's like the opposite of the boy who cried wolf: the boy didn't cry it and the villagers didn't stop responding.

@volkris That wouldnt surprise me.. typical media misinformation to get clicks...

@freemo At the same time Amazon is talking about putting ads on Prime Video, and requiring a $3/mo surcharge to remove them. I imagine there are a lot of people like me who very rarely use it despite already paying for it who simply will convert rarely to never.

@freemo No mun. No fun. We can't afford to pay to play.

@Romaq yea that is my concern, those who cant affordit... its not fair to them.

@freemo While paying might solve the bot problem, it also means you have to identify yourself which is bad if you care about privacy.

@modrobert well if you wanted to remain anonymous just use prepaid cards?

@freemo I don't know what payment methods X accepts, was assuming it will require some kind of billing address (thinking KYC).

if all posters are paying for Xitter to show you their posts, doesn't that make that network 100% advertisement, whether or not they remove some other ads from your timeline?
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