Sorry everyone on for the extended downtime. It was a massive migration to entirely new infrastructure. It will allow us to apply the 6 updates we have ready that we wrote with minimal future down time. Will also allow us to scale dynamically.

After we check that everything is working ok post-migration we will start applying updates in a beta environment everyone can test before we move updates to mainline. This should prevent all future downtime.

For the record this is the first time we had downtime of more than 5 minutes since the founding of QOTO over 5 years ago. So this is not normal for the server.

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@freemo thank you for all your work on this. When the dust settles, would it be possible to have a dedicated account to follow, just for maintenance and downtime updates? (Preferably on a different server, in case is down)

@GeorgeMari Yes. I was going to setup a backup account for that. We have one on this server but as you notice we will need an official one on another server. I'll likely set this up through my fedipage code.

@freemo there still seem to be some glitches in the Home timeline. I follow you and this post is not in my home time line. There are a few posts, but it is missing most of them, including posts from this server. Am I doing something wrong?

@antares No our sidekiq queues are still growing for some reason. working on it.

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