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When I use “project” I’m teaching, I mean something that the students have been involved is defining, bounding, and assessing. Many others mean “something that isn’t a test.”

In many cases, I find, folks use “learning styles” when they are really talking about “varying modes of instruction.” In classrooms, we need to vary what we do, which is often contrary to one’s teaching style, and never needs to be explained by learning styles.

What if Google, Apple, Microsoft, and others who “certify” teachers don’t really know anything about learning?

One of the most distressing things I learned during my career in education was that leaders pivot to new initiatives very quickly and ignore the fact they are so contrary.

Are these folks claiming that AI is conscious confident they can define it clearly? The last time I checked, we are really satisfied with the best definition.

Please prove me wrong.

If there is one study that confirms your stance, please avoid saying “the research shows.”

A colleague asked how to do something in Moodle today. I didn’t think it could be done, so I asked ChatGPT. It gave me directions! They did not work… even referred to things on the interface that were not there. But it gave me directions, so “good job!”

Can a network of supports beocme too difficult to navigate for those who need it?

Is it what your orgnizaton needs or is it the safe course of action?

How do we tell?

"Deceipt as a weapon has a long history."

Sure can't argue against that.

If folks post in public environments (e.g. Reddit), is it ethical to treat that as a data set for research?

Its still interesitng to me that many educators assume their students are "blank slates." Their social experiences in and out of school, physical environments, social encironments, biology (but lets not get to eugenics) are all factor sthat matter.

Perhaps the most important skill for teachers is breakiung down the barriers to social connetion among all participants i ntheir courses.

Teaching how to find information is the one academic skill that really has changed in recent decades. It should now take much less time than it used to.

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