now that our server is (temporarily) not listed in the main mastodon website, it seems convenient to promote our server directly in the birdsite. Therefore please follow the link below and like or retweet the post, so that it will be ranked higher in the search field of the
@freemo @Gargron

@geantonicelli @freemo @Gargron Is there a reason qoto was taken down from joinmastodon?

Also, it's hard to follow what's going on at a macro level, but there seems to be a lot of drama right now. How are things like announcements communicated?


I am mostly posting from my account right now. I should maybe do it from @QOTO which ive been neglecting...

We are still waiting tto hear on why we are off joinmastodon, I suspect they will reverse the decision as they have in the past.. someone probably made some accusation and no one did due diligence on it.

@geantonicelli @Gargron

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