Sadly the twitter exodus seems to be coming to an end. From the peak of 1,333 users per day we are now back down to 322. Before the exodus we were seeing about 100 to 200 new users a day.

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23,020 accounts +8 in the last hour +388 in the last day +4,641 in the last week

@freemo I'm thinking there will be more drama on Twitter in the days to come under the new management. We are likely to see more spikes then. Some people will never move though.

@gpowerf Most likely true. As long as Elon keeps making mistakes we will keep seeing spikes. Maybe he got some senses though and might shut the hell up.

@gpowerf @freemo If we've learned one thing about M*sk, it's that he knows how to keep his gob shut. :sarcmark:

@nullifidian @freemo human beings are amazing creatures. He can create a business that makes spaceships that land like science fiction crafts yet can't resist the urge to keep quiet and instead chooses to shoot his own foot multiple times.

The aliens must be fascinated by us ;)

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@gpowerf @nullifidian @freemo I prefer to dispute the assertion that he has created anything

@freemo The "automatically" referred to the ability to catch fire. ;-)

@gpowerf @nullifidian @freemo

The downfall reminds me of i think it was Gerald Ratner who IIRC said his products were rubbish, he went bust not long after.

@zleap @gpowerf @freemo Ratner called his products "crap". A time-travelling alumnus of the Musk School of Marketing, perhaps.

@nullifidian @gpowerf @freemo

That was it, well musk is heading the same way, and maybe anyone still on there. I am on Twitter at the moment asking if some of the local groups e.g LearnDevon are planning on joining.

If Musk kicks me off, what the hell go out with a BANG I say.


Is there any word of twitter banning people who are promoting the fediverse? Errr I mean masterbatedone ?

@nullifidian @gpowerf

@freemo @nullifidian @gpowerf

Not sure, I think one person may have but not sure on exact circumstances.

@freemo @zleap @nullifidian I've not seen that happening. All I've seen are people commenting on two camps:

1) WOW! Mastodon and the Fediverse are great! I have a new home.

2) Mastodon is so complicated you'd need a PhD in nuclear physics to even understand 10% of how to get started with it! (exaggerated for comedic effect)

@freemo @gpowerf @nullifidian

As long as people don't misunderstand we use LaTeX then we will be fine. Esp if we write that normally and change the meaning.

@zleap @freemo @nullifidian there’s also the issue with the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

@zleap I thought it was obligatory to use \\LaTeX\ when mentioning it.

@freemo @gpowerf

@freemo @gpowerf @nullifidian

Yeah, good point, surely things like this can happen with any acronym or abbreviation

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