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Any stationery people know if I can find refills for this pen? It is the Daiso dupe of the Pilot Hi-Tec Coleto Multi Pen. My store in QLD Australia did not seem to sell refills. It writes really nicely and isn't too bulky. Also scores a Mildliner (Daiso branded but Zebra logo still on packaging) and a 2mm mechanical pencil.

After an hour drive, huge seafood lunch (at my folks') and then 5 more hours of driving (to get to in-laws) Christmas chill has begun.
Meanwhile, my 8 y.o. left a note to Santa to say he was staying at his Grandparents. (No address on the picture).

OK, Noodler's Bulletproof Black, you are a boss ink. Perfect for holiday season packing lists.

My adventures with fountain pens continue. I changed the ink in my Preppy pens today. Rinsed out the ink cartridges, maybe I can refill them. The black is not "black black" so slightly disappointed. They seem to flow better than the original ink (?) or is that me?

Looked out the window and saw something red by the fence. Some tomatoes had self sewn a few growing seasons ago! Let the harvest begin!

My ink arrived! Now I just have to use up the ink in the cartridges so I can then start using the converters in my fountain pens.

So it is week. My SL class often leave notes and things in their exam. I present a series of them here...
1. Fish

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